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the home page - start page - splashpage
Started by McLaranium 6-3-20 .

index.php , index.htm with image, title or just logo and the button: ENTER Here.
as used in [ link ]
and example like mine:
[ link ]
and old pages remember? the classic Macromedia Button "download here".

i donīt know if the index - home page still is it used ?
I don't know iF you know what I mean.
the index only has the welcome logo - enter here.
but now a trend from long time ago is directly to the website content. I think it is better for google search engine.
I'm not sure if the index - enter here can be indexed in search engine or not, the index is still used? opinions?

Night Angel 8-3-20 2020-03-08 15:27:07

Well it is more like a preference only. The INDEX page, or front cover, to me is more like a arrival page, telling people that you are here and check if you are okay to go with the right plugin and stuff. It is also good that if your site needs to load a lot of things, because that will be a buffer for visitors before overwhelming their bandwidth.

Of course, these days technology is very different and you may not need to worry about the same thing. You can just go straight.

For me it is still to be used in the new version of AWV, but it will probably more than just a cover.

McLaranium 10-3-20 2020-03-10 07:10:30

about the search engines, I think google or bing, Yahoo... don't index only index.pages and its code, the search engines also find as a result the content, images or titles and so. not an explicit rule the is what the engines use for search results. (I imagine it so).

and so good answer Vincent
I imagine so a cheap trick with the arrival page. just example, thousands of usage examples. (usage, uses, ways to add it.. my english worse than ever)

welcome... choose your destination

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version 1.1 2020

Night Angel 13-3-20 2020-03-13 03:42:53

Haha, not bad!

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