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give an opinion (my website and competitors)
Started by McLaranium 23-11-13 .

my old 1 first version 7 years ago, ( [ link ] )
so new versions changing the menu and contends, and finally changing the colours, menu style or images showcase [ link ] - [ link ] )
[ link ]

you've already seen the "pink" before [ link ]

The last one and current version is online, includes google font-types. The images are framed in Flash object. (o0)
what happens iF I use the flash-frame version?,
the current version is fast, easy (for some people its hard to browse 'cause they don't know how or where to click )
sincerly, I like the Flash-Frame version, it look so goodie considering some other competitor websites

My favourite version:
the "pink" [ link ] and the black colour version [ link ]

Competitors sites:
(not directly competitors 'cause they sell different models and by different quantities for stock)
[ link ] - [ link ]

[ link ]

[ link ]

these versions are in frames and flash -
not so good for portable devices
maybe I could make HTML version based in the "pink" design -
I'm not sure, but I like the flash versions used before, the competitors aren't good enough (cause they don't visit AW )

(this is rare full screen [ link ] )

this one -- we know them, sometimes we trade with them but... [ link ] dunno who is the CEO to allow this info like a "flyer"

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ikomi 23-11-13 2013-11-23 21:03:21

You already know my opinion of Flash-based sites with no fallback mechanism, so no surprises if I said I like [ link ] out of the competitors' list. From the past designs, Image #2 is nice with the navigation menu of #3. The things I like about the other company's site and these two versions:

- Organised front page layout with medium-sized images. No text wall (you already know people don't read them), just appealing product images that visitors can identify quickly and click on for more info.

- Each page not too long, presents the info with lists and short sections.

- Navigation menu with the main sections at the top. I like it at the top because I don't have to scroll down (especially on the front page) to find things.

The pink header (image #6) is all right too, though I would apply a different coloured background for the menu item or emphasise the text instead of using the star to indicate the current page.

I'd say the website colour selection depends on your company's branding/identity. If the company logo is black/white but you want to add some colour, I guess you can ask/confirm with others in the company what they like. After it's decided, it's probably better to stick with the palette and not change it so drastically that people may no longer recognise your brand, unless your goal is to "re-invent" the company image.

Just my opinion. Maybe the others can offer you more advice.

McLaranium 24-11-13 2013-11-24 00:21:01

this is a PDF with prices we commonly send,
even the main website is white -pink
i've considered the visitors profile: google analytics inform mobile devices aren't so much popular visitors , "my visitors" are more based on firefox, iExplorer and pc. a few in

View attachment (pdf)

ikomi 24-11-13 2013-11-24 01:14:26

That's a good start, maybe develop the pink/pink lines further.

Really ... that could be due to the nature of the site i.e. people looking for the info for work or while at work. Guess it could be worse, in some countries IE is still very popular (e.g. South Korea).

crays 24-11-13 2013-11-24 11:16:07

As Iko put it, yea not so much of a flash-based web fans, it can create fancy stuff but doesn't scale so well IMO.

Let me point out a few points in comparison
- The pink ver of your web actually have a not filled margin, which makes the page looks segregated.

- The images takes some time to load, if i'm a potential client, i prefer to browse with ease.

- the arrow pointing bottom for loading seem REALLY odd, i thought i was suppose to scroll lol.

[ link ]
- Their web seem to be more organized in terms of layout
- The main purpose of the web is shown (the images of the bags are nicely sorted to catch my attention) First sight, i know exactly what this company is about and their product range.

[ link ]
- They are too wordy, but the image also again catch my attention

In general, i think the first thing is to display your product to tell the viewers what am i doing. helps alot. my 2 cent

McLaranium 24-11-13 2013-11-24 23:29:03

only 2 cent?
at least 1 EUR please!

"The images takes some time to load, if i'm a potential client, i prefer to browse with ease.
the arrow pointing bottom for loading seem REALLY odd, i thought i was suppose to scroll lol.

yes, you all are right.
Images, showcase, visuals, yes, that's the main point since months and months ago. people don't read. and faster photo-show is better.

"display your product"
yes, in faster way and easy, because in this times unfortunelly people lives "hurried onto nothing".

Post edited 24-11-13

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