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Is content necessary prior to webdesign?
Started by Night Angel 24-6-11 .

I think this is an interesting reading, have a look (this quoting is only part of the article)

Quoting from link below

What You Need to Know About Content

Design is communication. Naturally we need to know what we’re trying to communicate in order to be able to communicate it effectively.

This is key to design.

Ideally we’ll have real content to work with. I’ll always ask for it and hope to get it as soon as possible. Realistically it almost never happens.

When you design specifically around prewritten content you have art direction. You have different designs for each piece of content.

While you may be art directing the content on a site, most of the time we’re creating a single design or several similar designs for different sections of the site.

Think about how you would design a blog. You can’t possibly have all the content in advance, because most of it won’t even be an idea as you’re designing. The very nature of a blog suggests the design has to come before most of the copy.

What do you think?

Is Content Necessary Prior To Web Design? | Van SE

crays 25-6-11 2011-06-25 01:54:19

A good read, indeed, i too do think that content has to come first. Its kind of give me a sense of direction where should i put the content. Instead of just normal Lorem Ipsums.

Night Angel 25-6-11 2011-06-25 12:39:54

Very true, and I always think that design is first functionality driven, or else it is called art, which can have no function purpose (to me it has none, but some may argument with other reasons).

Nohbudy 25-6-11 2011-06-25 23:20:17

I never consider design before content complete. For the short term startup, it works because that's cheap and easy. But in order to be "release" quality you need to know things like how many buttons you need so you can judge how many you can fit into any space or position. What should go where, how much should go where.

ikomi 26-6-11 2011-06-26 16:05:28

With blogs, if you know what the blog will cover - main topics or tags - then the design can be based around those topics. An interaction-driven site might be different, you would need to know what content will be included to present that content using a method that suits said content. Design includes or at least usually takes into account the methods to be used, e.g. designing a blog template is different from designing a Flash presentation. Some of the graphics may be recycled if there are plans for both, but the purpose and content will most likely affect the results.

Of course, a client might insist on a design or tech solution that doesn't really fit, but want to have probably because they see it's been used effectively elsewhere. A designer will (should?) be able to discuss with clients what methods are better suited for their needs, content being one of a number of things to consider.

McLaranium 30-6-11 2011-06-30 01:04:25

me-- I'm a client.. xD
I answer my own questions... but it may apply.

* What is the site is about?
- Bags made in different paper printed or not.

* What will the content be about?
- Show examples of bags made in paper, some examples of logos or designs printed on bags.

* What type of content will be present (text, images, video, audio, etc)?
- photos - examples with bags made in paper, includin examples of logos or designs printed.

* Who is the audience for the content?
- people interested in purchase paper bags.

* Will the content be short, medium, or long form?
- Content made to view, to see, because people don't read, even people don't read the contact form (o.0)

* How will people find the content?
- I dont get this question.. dunno undarstand in thaa barrio I speak español.

Hey guys:

You're the designer, with experience, with knowledge,
you may know what can be the best fit to your client,.

I imagine a designer can persuade clients about " Trust in my job "

Even you know quotes, blogs or forums like this AW is interactive communication and learning for designers like you or me or Crays, nohbuddy, etc... etc... a lot of things enhance our power like designer but I find some clients ignore that and don't trust and are hard to receive explainations about design

crays 30-6-11 2011-06-30 17:07:23

that is true, but some clients are too stubborn that they only want what they want. But when a design doesn't fits the content properly, it becomes a disaster, no joke, some websites have content all around, it is almost impossible to navigate.

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