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Design is Dead
Started by Night Angel 3-11-10 .

Very interesting article, have a look.

It is basically about how the web changes from a time web-designers evolve to help the growth of the web, to the current moment where users choose how information is presented. Everything you read is often formatted to your liking, for example RSS readers and Flipboard on iPad. Web-designers are no longer needed because the apps and info-graphics will just do the presentation without problem, and people like it.

Quoting from WIRED web-magazine

Design reigned supreme in the 20th century, when it was an integral part of the way artists, publishers, governments and political parties communicated to the first mass audiences.

Message and presentation were inextricably intertwined, with the latter lending power, impact and even meaning to the former. Not for nothing was Marshall McLuhan able to say, with gnomic brevity but not a little insight, “the medium is the message.”
Web designers are leading the charge in this wave, just as they have in the first two major waves of web innovation.

But in the 21st century, internet standards have successfully separated design and content. The two live more interdependent lives, sometimes tightly tied and sometimes completely separated from one another.

The message is now free from the medium.

It is a long article but it is worth reading.

Design Is Dead. Long Live Design! | Epicenter

McLaranium 3-11-10 2010-11-03 18:39:16

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Post edited 3-11-10

McLaranium 3-11-10 2010-11-03 18:39:16

who decides what is the web standard?
is One website readable in Opera, Firefox, iExpoler, iPad and iPhone a good web site - well designed with the Web Standards because is multy-readable in whatever device - browser?
or my question could be: what means web standard?

"The underlying structure of the content needs to be well-designed, not for human readers, but for the machines that will be increasingly used to parse and reformat those paragraphs."

I agree the web design must consider the new devices - but I think is not a demand or a target to cover these new devices when you know the average and profile of visitors you expect- you offer -you design for. iF you design some website covering the new devices considering your contents you are covering by-default majority of browsers or plataforms (I imagine so, like example there is AW Moonlight ).

iF my current website displays info and products and it covers my expectations on business, I think is not bad design at all, even with heavy flash content and framed HTML. I receive calls, I receive e-mails, I have clients, I pay for the google adds position considering the number of clicks / number of visitors / number of possible clients we can attend based in our capacity of production.
The issues reported by some (just a few) are: " I can't copy images - I can't save the images, I can't print the images".
and yes, I've considered new devices time ago, just HTML sized for portable devices ..

A very annoying and disguisting thing on websites is the dependence on the 3th party or the advertising. When I visit some website and I find a delay in the charge- I see the status bar displaying "" or "" or some other connections to unknown servers. it sucks that's fuck because the well design the good looking and the good "web standard" is kicked with this delays or advertisings.

Night Angel 4-11-10 2010-11-04 05:49:56

Whether one should make their websites adjusted to the newer mobile devices is actually related to the audience scale and market, not a pure web-design or development issue. For example, Facebook has a huge audience group, and it is not hard to understand why people are looking forward to a FB website, an iPhone app, Blackberry apps, etc.

If one needs to make a website too for their uses to access from anywhere, especially one that gives information, then he should make that website readable in other devices.

As you said, it is not easy to talk about standards, because standards have assumptions and certain settings. However, we can still talk about the existing trend and current user behaviour, which can be used to derive design patterns and possible new design concepts.

I believe ads can be annoying but they are very important too. Again, it is definitely essential on how these ads should be presented, both visually and technically. They can make the ads load at the last stage so that they won't affect the normal page loading.

Btw, Angelworld is also facing similar questions as stated in the article. We have several sections of the site which grab the same data (posts from forums, for example), and so the backend needs to be written in a very special way so that all sites can use the same code to do the same thing.

Nohbudy 10-11-10 2010-11-10 15:56:29

The article title is a bit misleading, design's not dead but people are just showing us exactly what Dieter Rams told us 30 years ago. "Good design is as little design as possible."

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