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Google Adds on websites - sometimes strage?
Started by McLaranium 13-10-10 .

In this example, this website offers shopping bags and these stuff.
iF the website offers bags, why do they display advertising or links to other companies? it could means they display advertising to go for other companies or competitors.

maybe you receive $$ for the clicks but, the strange is one visitor could leave your page to purchase with other instead yours. its strange maybe

ikomi 13-10-10 2010-10-13 19:53:49

Yeah, companies should be careful about the ads they display on their sites. Maybe that's why some don't use Google Ads, but have their own ad system so they deal directly with potential advertisers. Then there are companies who would only put up their own ads.

While it doesn't really fit for manufacturers, it's worthwhile something like a magazine with content on a variety of topics. Low risk of driving people to competitors (unless people become annoyed by too many ads on the site), and it's almost like a value-added feature by bringing opportunities to purchase while people are likely to be in the mood (e.g. a new camera review and ads on cameras -- someone might want to shop for that new camera?)

Basically, it comes down to deciding whether a service is right for your company needs.

crays 2-11-10 2010-11-02 07:15:12

Now that you mentioned it, i find it kinda odd too. Why would one want other people to direct to other websites. Tho, google ads are more useful in sites like blogs or site with articles. I don't see professional sites like Nike would use google ad.

McLaranium . 4-11-10
from the BIG monster Nike to one small company or a restaurant .... google adds works good in 2 ways: advertising others - and advertising yourself (paying some fee).
but ya know:

how to use it and where or when

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