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Sites of Inspiration
Started by Nohbudy 8-10-10 .

I'm sure this was a topic before, but because that's "Years old" let's start a new fresh one with modern sites.
What web pages inspire you?

For me, I'm inspired by
Apple: [ link ]
I do make fun of apple a lot, but they have it right when it comes to good design.

Microsoft: [ link ]
Reccently Microsoft gave themself a facelift, improving the look of Because Microsoft is such a large company, they have so many products and departments, each one wants a piece of the home page. It's really inspiring to see how they handle it so well, you can come to Microsoft's hompage and find most of what you're looking for very quickly.

Nike: [ link ]
Nike is a very forward looking site, that has futuristic graphics that are set in a very well designed manner. I've found that I really like Nike's site, it's a great mix of flash, javascript, and product display.

Night Angel 10-10-10 2010-10-10 01:22:29

What McL showed are very similar to each other, haha...CSS-based websites with big intro cover at the top, and big boxes / buttons at the bottom

Another good site is [ link ] which is really cool too, showcasing beautiful Flash websites

McLaranium 10-10-10 2010-10-10 02:47:56

the sites I've posted and a lot of them CSS bases - I could say are based on wordpress at the begining of this trend I imagine

Night Angel 10-10-10 2010-10-10 03:41:48

yeah, though I am not a fan of Wordpress, while I still likes Flash

Nohbudy 12-10-10 2010-10-12 02:25:27

I'm a fan of wordpress, but i'm indifferent about flash. It's got it's purpose but in many cases it's overused.

Silverlight on the other hand, is kind of a waste.
Wordpress is easy to use, you can build a theme, slap your client on the butt, and then let them have it. Training is almost nothing, and development is so easy.
It's simple to include your own PHP, the theming is very straight forward, plugins are straight forward, support for custom content and fields out of the box is nice. And you can do soo much with The Loop once you learn how to use it.

For the client, everything is great. It works with a lot of desktop publishing applications, has tons of features, very extensible, they don't need to come to us every time they want to move a widget around or try a new plugin. Stuff like new plugins install automaticly, you don't need to go onto the FTP and let the client break shit.

I could go on. But after working with wordpress for a bit at my new employer, I've switched from Drupal to Wordpress as my favorate blog/CMS system.

Night Angel 12-10-10 2010-10-12 05:37:57

Wordpress is so easy to be hacked these days... my web hosting space had another website by my friend (GeckoKid, if you remember him), and that website uses Wordpress. It got hacked twice already...

Nohbudy 12-10-10 2010-10-12 07:05:00

Ooouch, good thing it's easy to update then! I know that drupal had a nasty bug in it earlier, and hackers were able to change the .htdocs. Thankfully that's fixed ( I never got hacked, but I've had a client who was)

Night Angel 13-10-10 2010-10-13 03:53:57

Anyway, probably it suits the blog-type or blog-like websites, which constantly changing entries and contents. I don't know, but as long as it works and appeals, then it is all good

McLaranium 13-10-10 2010-10-13 04:48:34

I've seen a lot of websites based on wordpress and reconfigured that you could not say "its weordpress based", because a lot of sites change so much the appearence and struchture but still wordpress based. and yes, plugins, skins even there are companies or freelancers offering "themes" very attractive.
Easy to hack. yes, it happens. that's the other side.
About inspiration or cute websites - I like the BIG headers as the posted I example- but I keep on thinking the images and graphics are the focus of attention, the impact or the disgrace

I have not thought about illustrations or graphics for my web [ link ]

I could say aw Lenses its inspirational and very very functional!

Night Angel 14-10-10 2010-10-14 01:39:23

Thanks again McL, and still, no Wordpress on this Heaven!

Should I make a Wordpress-ban sign here in the footer?

McLaranium 14-10-10 2010-10-14 03:27:15

its not necessary ban or signs
is not common we talk about wordpress or joomla or punbb...

about inspirational sites I divide my opinion so:
[ link ] inspirational by the contents and links.
like these examples i posted based on css with BIG illustrations, inspire me by the images and the struchture. nothing special but dunno why. *shrugh*

Night Angel 15-10-10 2010-10-15 00:54:11

I was just joking, though I must say I am pretty worried about the security problems that Wordpress brought in...

crays 2-11-10 2010-11-02 07:19:36

That are some awesome sites for inspirations. Usually i try google for inspiration, but it doesn't help that much. Nike is very inspiring with the new designs they have and the awesome advertisements.

But i gotta thank NA, typographyserved is just holymolly. Love typo

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