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New Angel World opinion for design
Started by McLaranium 17-10-17 .

I can't explain my own opinion because I don't speak english- I just use random words to express "in english".

[ link ] (images of Halo game in just one page) and one from AVP
I mean the ambient, the symbols, like "futurist" codes, symbology,
another example is the Alien VS Predator , like the aztec symbols, codes.

iF I name an example in website, the old "2advanced studios" had something similar what I mean (iF you ever seen it).
other example I really like and admire the "texture and colours" was

I don't mean to try something similar of them - that's why I posted images from Halo and AVP.
"futurist" post futurist theme based in chinese ancient, maybe angels in heaven in a Future style (like Halo).

[ link ] (flashlevel "futurist? )

[ link ] (scenary looking like stone place)

iF you don't understand anything I mean. let me know !

the colour shcemes of this iron man are so fantastic - they belong so good with the textures and theme of "futurist iron shield high-tech topic"

Post edited 17-10-17

McLaranium 17-10-17 2017-10-17 04:07:18

colours I mean about scheme

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