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Historic Moments for HK in 2021 Olypmics
Started by Night Angel 30-7-21 .

Wow, first post in the last 7 years!

I am so happy, so excited, like all other Hongkongers here because our team won 3 medals so far in the Tokyo Olympics 2021 so far, the most in HK history!

On Monday 26/7, the foilist Edgar Cheung won the gold medal after a tight game with the previous gold medalist from Italy. That is the second gold medal after a quarter of century for Hong Kong.

On Wednesday, swimmer Siobhan Haughey bagged the silver medal in the Women 200m Freestyle, being the first swimmer in HK to achieve a medal in the Olympics. Today, she won a second silver medal in the Woman 100m Freestyle, being the first individual to have two Olympics medals!

I must say that I am thrilled to hear the news, and I watched the games and witnessed the wins. It is just unbelievable! What hits me is not just the victories, but the fact that both athletes worked so hard in their lives to achieve this if you hear their stories. The effort, the perseverance, the resilience, are just incredible.

As a person I am so proud of you two, and of all the athletes representing our little city. You know Hong Kong has undergone some really bad or even tragic moments (mostly political, apparently), but such news just provide the much needed joy and fuel to the dying city.

Read more about Siobhan's win here: [ link ]

And more about the games from the HK media in English: [ link ]

McLaranium 11 months ago 2021-08-02 03:21:57

yey ! about China is the leader in medals

Night Angel 11 months ago 2021-08-04 05:43:17

Haha, if you only count the gold...

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