Angel World Week
Started by Nohbudy 20-11-07 .

With my newfound staff membership powers, i am declaring that starting at November Twentieth through to November Twenty Seventh, Angel World Week shall reign supreme.
During this glorious week, users of the Angel World forum are to spam the Night Angel profile with cakes ( ) to celibate his birthday, the continuation of this forum, and the Angel World community of itself.

The exact amount of cakes, and the remaining content of these messages are up to the individual poster. However it is highly requested of every active user to accomplish this task, and celebrate Angel World Week.


wintergal 22-11-07 2007-11-22 05:02:56

Why not a month?

ikomi 22-11-07 2007-11-22 05:13:35

Good idea, wintergal. As of next year? Otherwise we'd have just wasted 19 days without stuffing, and that would be horrible.

wintergal 22-11-07 2007-11-22 08:04:48

Oh yes! Let's implement it next year and the years to come!

Night Angel 22-11-07 2007-11-22 08:36:08

What should I say? To accept this or?

Can you all gimme mousse cake instead of black forest?

Nohbudy 22-11-07 2007-11-22 17:22:36

Then it is final! Angel World Month (AWM) is the entire month of November!

Also Vincent, you are the one making the cake so you can choose.

Night Angel 23-11-07 2007-11-23 00:11:15

I am the one making the cake? you're kidding me!

So everyone, awW or awM? W or M? They are just inverted.

wintergal 23-11-07 2007-11-23 05:40:28


awM, of course! -implement it starting next year-

Night Angel 23-11-07 2007-11-23 09:38:35

Yeah, okay. Time to plan for the activities during the month, someone please.

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