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Oh yay, ice-cream!
Started by Night Angel 24-7-06 .


[ link ]

vizard 14-8-06 2006-08-14 10:37:46

I like and I like the smokey effect they used one the site when the faded in

Night Angel 15-8-06 2006-08-15 05:51:23

I want ice-cream now again!!!

Nohbudy 15-8-06 2006-08-15 05:57:34

That is cool.... i do want icecream now too.

Night Angel 15-8-06 2006-08-15 10:59:06

*distribute made of from Heaven* ;nod:

vizard 15-8-06 2006-08-15 16:56:41

Thank you is very tasty!

Alex 15-8-06 2006-08-15 20:05:09

ektah 16-8-06 2006-08-16 05:21:06

OMG WHY OH WHY! does it have to look so delicious =_=

i want eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet so bad rawr!!!

Alex 16-8-06 2006-08-16 12:27:19

I like their website actually...

Night Angel 17-8-06 2006-08-17 02:45:47

Indeed, it is a lovely website!

Nohbudy 21-8-06 2006-08-21 13:38:25

Better not eat too many or we may not have enough to walk on... I don't know about you guys, but i would rather not fall to earth. May i suggest makeing it of instead?

Night Angel 21-8-06 2006-08-21 14:25:28

is a fattie. No way no way. Ice-cream isn't, right?

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