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Janice featured in PLEM
Started by ikomi 18-6-06 .

Janice was featured in this month's issue of Popular Lifestyle and Entertainment Magazine (or PLEM, free with a Chinese channel subscription in Canada), and as Vincent had at some point expressed interest in her music, thought I'd post it up. Any secret fans of Janice here, by any chance?

She's a relatively new and rising artist in the HK music scene, winning several awards in the past two years.

Here is a short article (Chinese only, but Babelfish can be your friend.)

ikomi 18-6-06 2006-06-18 06:03:46

Just to add -- you can preview her music at Look for her name under the amusic artist list, click on the right arrow to see her albums and click on the album thumbnail to be redirected.

wintergal 18-6-06 2006-06-18 06:31:00

Knew about her but only hear to her songs through radio.

Night Angel 18-6-06 2006-06-18 07:02:57

Yeah, she's not bad but is also famous (or notorious) about some life-styles of hers. She likes to do what she likes, much more like a Western person than a Chinese. Recently she was found to be in the HMV store at 11:45pm when the store was about to close. She was still acting like nothing, while others were already packing up and cleaning up for the close. She was considered to be too pompous after being a little star.

But I like her music, much better than her twin sister (as you see in the cover of the website Helen just posted). Generally she isn't that bad but nice to see her there on that Canadian magazine haha...though it was a bit "out" compared to Hong Kong

AppleTree . 20-6-06
*ignoring all but one post*

YAY TO THE CHINESE WHO CAN'T READ CHINESE!!! hahaha....(I can't read Chinese, and I'm from an Int'l school..)

Nohbudy . 20-6-06
Is written Cantonese dying off?

Night Angel . 20-6-06
there is not really something called written Cantonese. We write Chinese. In spoken way we have different dialects and Chantonese is one of them. But we write the same: Chinese.

I despise those Chinese who born in China or Hong Kong and can't read Chinese.

AppleTree . 21-6-06
from my experience, you're not alone! :poof:

Night Angel . 21-6-06
But I despise you from the comment above

wintergal 18-6-06 2006-06-18 08:22:33

She can't read Chinese? Whoa... Yet her songs are nice to listen to!

ikomi . 18-6-06
:nod: She does have a pleasant voice. Apparently she started off with remakes of songs by Leon Lai (and Mark Lui), so it's interesting in some ways to witness her developing her own musical path.

Sykotik 18-6-06 2006-06-18 11:09:18

Ugh. I wouldn't listen to that kind of music. I only like metal, blues (and maybe jazz) or music with very good lyrics and since I don't understand her lyrics I don't know if they are good!

ikomi . 18-6-06
Wish there was some way to translate the lyrics appropriately for you... how would you envision good lyrics?

Sykotik . 18-6-06
Some rap/hip hop songs have good lyrics. Kanye west songs do but I don't listen to that type of thing unless my brother has it on. Sadly most metal has stupid, not-taking-themselves-seriously lyrics, in the case of power metal (e.g. Dragonforce), or you can't understand them because of the voice or language, i.e. black metal and deathmetal (e.g. Cradle of Filth or Dimmu Borgir [Finnish]).

ikomi . 19-6-06
So... meaningful or creative lyrics?

Sykotik . 19-6-06
Meaningfull i suppose but more funny.

DarkFire 19-6-06 2006-06-19 11:44:25

I seen her in causewaybay

Night Angel . 19-6-06
How's she? Recently?

DarkFire . 20-6-06
haha i dont know! ask her...hahaha

Night Angel . 20-6-06
Ask her? you're kidding

wintergal 22-6-06 2006-06-22 09:11:33

Just got her songs from my cousin. Listened to most of the songs in her 2 albums... Really nice.

GeckoKid 22-6-06 2006-06-22 11:45:03

she looks evil...

ikomi . 22-6-06
How so?

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