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Networking with Windows !
Started by McLaranium 29-1-14 .

macMini receiving internet and network by Ethernet.
macMini shares internet via Wi-Fi
My Windows Laptop receives internet given by macMini's WiFi

In the same enviroment, same network (I suppose it is adhoc network) I can see the files shared between mac and windows, no problem with that.

Windows can see all the entire HD in macMini! shared files and all the system files including them !

how can I share just specific folders or just one "public" folder placed in the Mac ? (to hide critical folders or files in Mac) -

this is how the can see all the Mac Files

and the example of just "shared folder" checked is one of these.

ikomi 29-1-14 2014-01-29 15:53:21

That's odd. It should limit to the specified directory. Crazy question, what happens if you add the top-level location (Macintosh HD) in File Sharing and set your user to "read and write" and everyone to "no access"?

Sorry, I've never used File Sharing on the Mac end. If I needed to share usually I'd just use the built-in web server. It used to be called Web Sharing and has since been removed from the list, but it can be turned on: [ link ] You can set the directory to share in the config file.

Try adjusting the File Sharing settings to see if you can turn off access to the system files, if no luck I can try looking into it for you. Maybe others here have better advice.

Night Angel 30-1-14 2014-01-30 01:21:39

McL did you first remove all the items in the folder list? Then add back the folder you want to share, and make sure that only "everyone" is in the right list.

McLaranium 30-1-14 2014-01-30 09:30:38

In Mac I removed all the folders in the shared folder list - I add a folder placed in the Desktop, just one folder.
I go to the windows laptop and

Mac HD is there.

Windows Network Group Name:
Mac Network Group Name:

- Windows Laptop read and writes in public folders placed in other Windos PCs and one Folder placed in the Mac Desktop.
- Mac writes and reads the only one public folder placed in Windows

- Mac Mini starts to share internet from its Ethernet via Wi Fi.
- I change the Windows laptop to Connect Wi Fi to Mini (wi fi with internet)
- Access from Windows Laptop to the Mac using the Windows Network Icon shows the Mac contents including Mac HD or system just after windows refreshes the network list or cache after few minutes.

Its good to share easily files between and it was a headche kick in the knee time ago but... ouch!! Windows can read all and everything in Mac

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