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Email Form PHP Flash
Started by McLaranium 9-2-08 .

This email form uses SWF and PHP file, is ready to use and is just to customize and edit the basic. Example: [ link ]

iF you use it you will receive the autoresponse to your email (or maybe in the spam folder it depends your mail) and I receive the comments in my email.

Source Files are here: [ link ] ZIP

Note: the combobox and the ratio buttons to choose the option, DON'T DO ANYTHING, are disabled. That options are disconnected and just added like example.

iF somebody can edit the files and make the combobox or ratio buttons (or both) be enabled and working, then so thank you! please help us to make the options work good Thank you again. (x.0)

Night Angel 9-2-08 2008-02-09 14:54:32

Do you mean you wanna get help?

McLaranium . 10-2-08
yes , i need that help to know how make it work. I know how to do it in dreamweaver and php file, but in flash i can't get no satisfaction (o.X)

Night Angel . 10-2-08
Maybe you can have a look at the EmailOutbox function in Angelworld Main site? Perhaps that will give you some inspiration, hehe...

McLaranium 10-2-08 2008-02-10 23:23:21

it works, I know how make it work in flash and in html-php, and I've used it before, and of course I know how to skin the form but the problem and still I have not found how add the checkboxes function, or combo box function (like survey).

Night Angel 11-2-08 2008-02-11 03:52:41

I think inside Flash CS3 you have all the preset, no?

McLaranium 11-2-08 2008-02-11 07:57:30


[ link ]
this radiobuttons does not work, but at least in the admin e-.mail I receive an error. it means they can work but the instance name or some button is not calling the function whatever
I've seen the book of php4, the ActioScript boook , the help on Flash CS3, installed the Flash MX to check samples... and still I'm here tieht the

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