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CSS - Scary ~~~
Started by crays 23-11-06 .

Hi , i'm trying to code a skin i made for a blog . It needs CSS , And after reading some tuts i found , i tried to make something out from what i got from the tut , and it always screwed up =( , like the side flying away and stuff , header stretch to a OMG position . Overlapping . Anyone can give me some tut site ? Anyone can gimme some advice ? and how CSS works ?

Night Angel 23-11-06 2006-11-23 16:04:25

I have no idea how to start learning CSS, since I only know it by observing and building real websites to practise. I think sites like this [ link ] can help you

Try doing something easy first then check others' CSS files to learn more

crays 24-11-06 2006-11-24 04:06:21

Vincent , thanks for that site , but that site is the one i'm talking about xD . I'm also okay with normal HTML , but CSS just no , i don't really understand the codes . It always screw up .

Sykotik 25-11-06 2006-11-25 12:41:47

CSS doesn't even obey it's own rules in most browsers so if a property that you give something doesn't work try something else until it does.

Night Angel 25-11-06 2006-11-25 17:22:58

Crays, I think that website is pretty easy already. Try reading from the easiest entries first and then you will get the idea.

Also check others' websites and view their sources to learn

Nohbudy 26-11-06 2006-11-26 07:46:45

CSS is very touchy, and the site Vincent just gave you is the best there is. It is the one I use for everyday reference. All it really takes, is just sitting down at the computer for a few hours and fitzing around with everything. After a bit, you get a hang of it.
What really helps when just learning something, is to print out a simple bit of CSS code for any website. Not a lot, just a little. Copy from that, and then edit what you have to see what everything does.
Also a couple good rules for when learning any scripting language, is to minimize the time between testing and coding. For CSS, build the HTML file you wish to use into just a plain HTML template (no server side code or anything). Save that on your personal computer, and have that linked to the CSS file you are editing (on your own computer). This way you don't have to upload the CSS, then refresh, and load the page on the browser: every time you want to test the code.
Another good one, is to keep at it for another 5 minutes past when you plan to call it quits for the night. Often that is about when it all 'Clicks,' and if not it still keeps you going. If your like me you know that once you put it down, it will take ages for you to pick it back up again. Better to work your ass off right now and figure it out, than to figure it out 6 months from now.

crays 27-11-06 2006-11-27 06:03:02

Thanks for the advice Noh . I'm gonna try it out xD !

McLaranium 28-11-06 2006-11-28 00:37:56

[ link ]

ok ok--- also there are links and sections to Advanced lavels
I did what nohbody says and using the wordpress and dreamweaver, saving in the computer the page or section. . so I change the theme in dreamweaver and I see what happens.

Razorcane 2-2-07 2007-02-02 15:21:40

The way I learned CSS: Dreamweaver. The predefined classes are easy to get ahold of, but it gets really fun when you start making your own

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