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Comments on this....pls
Started by r@ymonD 29-9-06 .

Hi there...need some help overhere... Please comment on the interface of this poorly designed "Minesweeper"... Its actually my project in this semester and the lecturer is focusing on GUI integrating's not my field....that's why i really need comments and ideas on improving this funny looking "Minesweeper". Any elements you all wish to have with this application or just the color usage.

Nohbudy 29-9-06 2006-09-29 15:49:32

You may have keybord commands, or even no need for commands alltogether. But it still is always good to have a menu, atleast to exit the program. (There are some people who don't know that the little [x] is to close the program)
You could also add a little help, instructions, and credits in the menu.

Also use the same colors and icons that are used in the intended OS. By the looks of it, you are building this for Vista. Design it under the idea of the highest end GUI option that vista offers.

McLaranium 30-9-06 2006-09-30 07:52:54

the minimize button is small, the maximize btn is bigger, the close is the biggest. that's excellent! I don't know iF it incluides a ToolTip - but forget it, iF my mother knows the -X- is "close", 90% of people also knows it sorry! haha my mom is not familiar with anything about computers and she knows at least that basics

About the blue and red lines... ya know what to do

Night Angel 30-9-06 2006-09-30 16:17:17

I just wonder, if it is a GUI exercise, what did you do actually? You have to work on the grids and boxes make the WHOLE thing beautiful!

r@ymonD 1-10-06 2006-10-01 05:49:52

:nod: haha...ya true...that's actually the i wan to hv idea on...i am more like algorithm guy than an artistic one..that's why i have problems when comes to look and feel.....hmm....

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