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DSCproject_Displaying PHP flash var
Started by ikaruga 14-8-06 .

This is very important for me to figure it out so I ll make a comission to whoevver manage to teach me how to do this.
I wanna make a flash file that gets and send data to a php file that s connected to my data base. It has multiple users so i can t have a xml file for each stats of each user. I need to find a way to load data such as: $player
print "<tr class='mainrow'><td><b>You skill pts: $userstats3[skillpts]</b></td></t r>";
print "<tr class='mainrow'><td><b>Your Honor: $userstats3[honor]</b></td>< /tr>";

And so on. Where should i start looking if you can support me with images. Anything helps at this point : D !!! thanks a lot

Hi again heaven. Missed me ^_^ ?

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Night Angel 15-8-06 2006-08-15 09:48:45

Miss you? Do you miss the Heaven and us then?

What do you mean by you can't have multiple XML files? So what kind of DB do you use for this?

You can use Flash and use "loadVariable" targeting a PHP file. Then do the action on the PHP and return the data back using something like "&A=1&B=2" and so on. Flash will read that line and do what you want it to.

ikaruga 15-8-06 2006-08-15 16:59:31

yusss i missed u all :D !! <3 <3 !!

how does the loadvariable command works in flash exactly ? I am starting at all this. my php file looks like: (the 1st php enclosuer is a add on lol. i might have ot remove it if it s wrong. )

ALL of the print commands variables ahs to be displayed in my flash file. How do you suggets i do that with a LOADVARIABLE command ?

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ikaruga 15-8-06 2006-08-15 19:44:29

ok i just spent ood 3 hours on this with delerium and 7shadows. . . actually i think i can manage without xml. I m currently trying to echo out my variables under a format that flash can understand . what is the flash command and what is the php command to display somehting in a print php tag : ) ??

ikaruga 15-8-06 2006-08-15 20:27:23

much,...much later !!

I MADE IT w000t i ll show you the result soon enough.

How to make a login box in flash to connect to your DB ?

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