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FlashPHP Shoutbox design
Started by Delirium 5-7-06 .

I need to incorperate a flash and php based shoutbox into my new site project but i am having trouble finding anything to do with it. Pixel2Life doesn't help me much simply because none of their tutorials for this kind of work are what i need. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Night Angel 5-7-06 2006-07-05 08:13:44

Do you know Flash and PHP? And you understand what they do, right?

Sykotik 5-7-06 2006-07-05 18:16:52

I've never understood phpflash integration. Whenever I have made it work it always seemed to be a bit Heath Robinson.

Sykotik . 5-7-06
^^ What the hell is that arrow doing there ?

Delirium 5-7-06 2006-07-05 18:46:16

Quoting from Night Angel : :

Do you know Flash and PHP? And you understand what they do, right?

Yes i know flash(basic) and php. i went to college for programming .

Nohbudy 5-7-06 2006-07-05 19:26:11

Basicly you can send vars from flash useing POST or GET, and can get them back from a text file when the text is formatted correctly.
Here is the best resource for flash tutorals IMHO just they are ran over with ads.

Delirium . 5-7-06
Thanks Nohbudy for that site. I knew about the Vars but i thought they had to be used with a MySQL database of sorts

Nohbudy . 5-7-06
Nah, if you wished you can do it on a flat file. It is better to do on a database like MySQL because it will be faster and less of a load on the server, but flatfiles work no problem for low traffic sites.

Night Angel 6-7-06 2006-07-06 01:24:30

Basically, the PHP and Flash is the same as that with HTML output, except you want Flash to be the presenting platform. How it works is like calling the PHP from Flash, executing some commands, and getting the results back to Flash in a format of "&A=1&B=2". That's basically what it does.

Adobe got some tutorials going on here: [ link ]

And I recommend you this series of books, and inside there is a book about Flash and PHP programming. I learnt everything from there: [ link ]

Have fun!

Sykotik . 6-7-06
I was going to buy that flash php book, it will be out of date soon though.

Delirium 6-7-06 2006-07-06 20:00:37

Which book vincent? because i see about 30 bigillion books on that page D:

Night Angel 7-7-06 2006-07-07 00:55:26

Find it. There are only few about PHP and Flash.

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