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No horizontal scrollbar in iFrame?
Started by Alex 29-6-06 .

I have in iFrame set up in my portfolio (still working on it ), and i've typed loads of crap into it to test how the scrolling looks like, but I was wondering if I can get rid of the horizontal scrolling, and get it to scroll vertically?

I've tried putting the text into a table of a set width but that doesn't work; it still scrolls left to right...unless i've missed out an attribute from the TABLE ?

Any ideas?

Night Angel 29-6-06 2006-06-29 15:03:41

But your "crap" is one long word. It can't be broken up and so it just pulls your iFrame. Try something breakable, not like a thousand "A" across the screen.

Alex . 29-6-06
*Oops*. Yes, I seperated the 'crap' and now the table attributes work now, hehe Thanks again.

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