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share one photo, or two.
Started by McLaranium 3-8-14 .

share one or two photos, and i qould like to know what did you have in mind when you took the photo, why, what for.
dont care if its one of your artistic photos, or one snapshot,
or post both or some good or not photo, but just i would like you to share photos by you an know whats the sense of it to you.
thank you! !

Night Angel 8-11-16 2016-11-08 02:52:04

Let me share something too, the bread I made this morning for breakfast...

Red berry bread with walnut

McLaranium . 8-11-16
do you cook all the process ? flour, dough, oven . . .

Nohbudy . 8-11-16
Are you using a bread machine?

Night Angel . 8-11-16
Yes, I made it all by myself, with a bread machine It is easy because you just need to follow the recipe, and I added my own flavors myself. This is what I made last week, the Chocolate Marble Bread: [ image ]

McLaranium 24-12-18 2018-12-24 08:17:29

[ link ] (original big size)

This photo - for fun.
The tree front my house

Tokina at 11 mm

ikomi . 24-12-18
A pretty Were you out on a shoot, or came out just to take a photo of the tree?

McLaranium . 28-12-18
we planted the tree, I made the heart-cut time ago, and now we added lights for season , it is in my window ... and I've seen some people take "selfies" there

ikomi . 30-12-18
It's well-trimmed.

People take selfies right outside your window? Are you going to let it turn into a local attraction?

McLaranium 28-12-18 2018-12-28 07:57:05

view from above

ikomi . 30-12-18
isn't showing up for me.

McLaranium . 2-1-19

whatever - - there is

ikomi . 4-1-19
Never mind, I was looking for

McLaranium 2-1-19 2019-01-02 02:06:34

the candies store - it was only one,
even here you can find a market (a few) with only candies and "party stuff".

ikomi . 23-1-19
The avocados and are fresh though?

The owners selling whatever they want could see more items sold there in addition to the traditional and artisan goods. Or do you mean it has been turned into a tourist trap?

McLaranium . 24-1-19
that traditional market is illegal and some criminals have been detected, even it is considered a risk zone . there are other market next to this oaxaca traditional, there is a named "dried area market", 'cause you can find dried fish. also you can find chilli and spices, fruit, chorizo, and cheeses. of course that's other management - administrators.
the vegetables, avocados and other stuff you can find it yes ya know, in markets and street markets,
and , you can find in the markets everything (almost) .
difference when you travel, some markets are limited in products! that's what I like of mex city, .

ikomi . 24-1-19
Illegal? Bootleg CDs and counterfeit handbags?

You're lucky to be able to get Oaxaca easily

McLaranium . 28-1-19
I had a client selling clone of Coach and Michael Kors - and here ya know you can find : cds, dvds, handbags, sun glasses . .
about fud, I will never forget and I always have in mind what r@ymonD said long time ago: "the best sushi is the one that you ca cook" (o0) ! and so the Oaxaca cheese with jambon

ikomi . 31-1-19
The best sushi ... egg, eel and shrimp rolls? (all cooked)

No quesadillas?

McLaranium 11-1-19 2019-01-11 02:09:48

In the image:
[ link ]
the barrio local market

r@ymonD 29-1-19 2019-01-29 22:28:09

A quick tour at Seattle last weekend, right in front of the oldest Starbucks

McLaranium . 31-1-19
here in my room Dolce Gusto coffe and coffee bag from Indonesia what's about the cold ?

ikomi . 31-1-19
Nice shot with the ferris wheel(?) in the distance! Looks like great weather for a tour.

McLaranium . 2-2-19
coffee + cold is goodie for sure iko

McLaranium 7-2-19 2019-02-07 18:49:53

my first pc building was Pentium III
after it - I purchased brand PC ready and nice, through the years I had Acer, DELL, Compaq, Mac Mini.

now to me for me by me I have my Laptop DELL and this Ryzen 5 .
(and my loved Mac Mini, oldie and still goodie).

I will customize the stickers and the case just with a little line or vinyl.

r@ymonD . 11-2-19
Wow! Great one!

McLaranium . 16-2-19
still I'm waiting for the NVME 256 GB . I could go for the 512 GB but price and after compare , it is enough.
2400G | 2x8 (16 GB RAM) | NVME 256 GB | 3 TB HDD |

Night Angel 8-2-19 2019-02-08 06:02:13

Sounds like a good start of the year McL!

McLaranium 11 months ago 2021-08-17 05:33:03

[ image ] .
out of focus wide angle lenses
Balindonesia and Hoshi (they are brothers)
Organic grass

ikomi . 10 months ago
Aww, they're very photogenic.

Is the for them to chew on? (For dental health)

Night Angel . 10 months ago
Meow! So cute!

McLaranium 10 months ago 2021-08-30 04:42:09

they like the grass so much. I've noticed they "clean their stomach" - I suppose

Night Angel 10 months ago 2021-08-30 06:26:12

Meanwhile for me...just managed to get some new LEGO+IKEA boxes after a long period of out-of-stock...

McLaranium 10 months ago 2021-08-31 01:23:51

Night Angel !
I imagine - for learing words, letters, something - LEGO would help your son to spell or talk - to develop some skills .

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