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Movies and Shows
Started by McLaranium 16-5-21 .

You have free TV ,
a) - if you want a better content with less advertising: pay for Cable TV
even so, you can watch advertising oer your paid Cable service.
b)- if you want better content, you have "premium" pack or more channels including some internationa channels paying extra $
c) -if you want premium content and exclusive tv shows or movies, you can pay for Plus Premium Services (previously known as Premium Channels, noy "Services") like Disney+, Paramount, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, ( I don't know if Arirang TV has Plus Conent or PPV).
The better you want, more you got to pay

Business world, no matters.
I have the pack of Mid Service of TV Channels, the most complete TV Pack inlcudes some News Channels from other countries, nothigg special to pay for it.
I said "The better you want, more you got to pay"
BETTER: better content? really? it depends what you consider as "better content". I've seen how MTV is the worst thing now, Musc Television, yes and its variants but they feaured a show named Aca Shore. Models and famous people in the beach, drinking, sex, drinks, vulgar expressions: a puke trash of content, what's the people like, what's the people folow. People give a very good rating for that trash, being so, a popular and succesfull show, now thatshow is featured in a Premium Service: Paramount TV.
I thought (I said) better content is featured in premium services,
but the point of view of marketing and business is:
Popular content most be paid, featuring it Plus Premium ( $$)
popular not means to be "quality content". WTFuu!!!!!

Night Angel 26-5-21 2021-05-26 03:02:35

Free TV...meaning the TV is free? Or the contents on TV are free?

We have normal, typical free TV channels here in HK, but because of the quality of those shows and the fact that many people cannot watch their favorites on time (due to work, obviously), it is increasingly popular for people here to subscribe to Netflix or other show services, especially the younger ones.

And I am doing the same now with Apple TV (currently free to watch until August for me after buying the new 4K version), since those shows are pretty cool and of high quality (picture and sound). I am also sharing the subscription with my sister on Netflix, which has even more amazing shows.

When Disney+ arrives in HK, I will also subscribe because of their amazing Marvel shows...

So it all depends on what you want to watch. It is not necessarily better as you mention for the contents, but you need to know what they are delivering first. That's exactly what online shows mean: you have completely control over what you want to watch on TV!

McLaranium 26-5-21 2021-05-26 06:36:49

I received a kick in my -
I pay for HBO through my TV provider to watch Carnivale series.
!¬¬) they offer just the season 1 (by limited devices)
the complete two seasons are available through Amazon Subscription, not by my TV provider (it is limited by "devices" )
maybe i will cancel the HBO paying just the first month and I will subscribe with a month free though amazon account.
I saw Chernobyl series, very interesting.

Night Angel 31-5-21 2021-05-31 15:46:43

So you only wanna watch that particular show?

McLaranium . 12-6-21
yes, a series named Carnivale.
through the TV provider the HBO is limited, but the pack includes HBO GO for devices like my Laptop with all access. it is good when I'm working with my mother out of my Goshiwon Home Office !

Night Angel . 15-6-21
Can you subscribe, and then unsubscribe when the show is finished?

McLaranium . 15-6-21
paid montlhy, just the hbo is optional monthly. once ended a few series I want to see, i will cancel.
I canceled amazon video wile hbo is active.
the main servicce is included TV and ISP ya know. I pay for extra channels. I swear, having "extended pack of channels" sometimes nothing interesting entertained is on TV, the worst thing is don't have cable tv provider, people with only air TV public only receive trash,

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