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I don't Cinema - Movies
Started by McLaranium 3 months ago .

As you may know, I don't go to cinema , commonly I don't watch movies and I use Netflix just for some series. I love some movies yeas, even I've purchased on Apple Store and other DVDs - Blue Ray discs

Everyone talking about The Joker - bla bla bla...
I was not interested and long story, simply I don't watch it.

I being far away of cinema world , then I'm not updated and I don't know and... when I heard about The Joker and Joaquin Phoenix I was "disturbed" about all that, even I considered a cheat or fanatic wave the supposed fame and quality of Joaquin Phoenix in The Joker.
I thought: that Joaquin Phoenix, unknown actor? he looks like old and non-popular actor with his One Hit Wonder.
Since The Gladiator and Signs with Joaquin Phoenix, I didn't recognize him, I don't knew he was the same I could not recognize him ! we are older (o0)! and finally with shame I understand now the why so fame and popularity with his JOKER, of course, he has long actor carreer deserved awards-

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