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Star Wars VIII - The Last Jedi
Started by Night Angel 28-12-17 .

I am not sure if anyone here is a Star Wars fan, and I am sure he/she would be very excited to see this. With overwhelming propaganda around the globe, Star Wars VIII has arrived, but I doubt if it is something as good as you expect.

Spoiler ahead, just in case.

It looks like this time the film has less bombing and fighting compared to the previous one, and more about story-telling and revealing inner feelings. Rey found Luke Skywalker on an island, and then she was ready to go back to the galaxy and fight Kylo Ren.

To me, nothing was really developing or developed. I mean, after all these years, they still had the same technology? Flying the same Falcon and fighting with the same TIE fighters?

Even worse, the Empire could destroy a planet before with a single blast, but now with such a big cannon they couldn't blow up the gate of the Resistence base?

I feel that Disney is trying to make more profit after acquiring the franchise, but nothing can be really rushed especially such a remarkable and iconic film series. The plot needs much more work, and the movie needs more deep meanings inside.

Any of you enjoy the movie? Or any of the previous episodes?

McLaranium 29-12-17 2017-12-29 02:37:33

The only things I know about Star Wars is the series are made in reverse,
1, 2 , 3 , the origin, the origin of the origin and the start of everything, is not the story continued like Back to The Future or Rocky, "it's from the present to the past". nos !!sequel, it's pre-quel". I've never seen one complete episode.
I don't know anything about the worldwide success , I've seen memorabilia or some jackets, toys or stickers are sold in hundreds of dollar!

I give my opinion ignoring and without knowledge with shut eyes.

I don't know if this last Episode VIII is in time of the very start of history at beginning, or is after this or these events, 'cause iF it's prequel, of course they will use the same falcon or same weapons, but iF they are in a long past time, maybe a prvious model of Falcon could be better .. Sorry, I don't know what I'm talking . (o0)

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