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Little so little show of México City
Started by McLaranium 22-9-16 .

Paseo de la Reforma
(named because the reform of constitution, laws, gov.... )
Closed sundays to you ride (bicycle) , every day of the week you can walk from the main centre of Mexico City -Downtown till Chapultepec. Around there are restaurants, shopping, mall, galleries, bar , so luxory hotels or restaurants, some other food houses or cafe.

In Chapultepec, the famous woods and lakes (so bored the lake since the boats aren´t the classical boat to you drive, the new model is ... naaa).. it includes the historical Chapultepec castle, the myth says it was teen army colege defended against the war.

iF you have enough power to keep on walking, you will walk around Polanco district, the lusxory shopping, so expensive hotels, and the Auditorio Nacional, iF some show or concert is there , buy tickets to the artist show, singer or dance show.

back again to the main centre, downtown named El Centro, or El Zocalo, as usual in a lot of cities around the world, the crowd, restaurants, cafe, shopping, . and here, in MEX, the so famous ilegal commerce

(in the photo with kids and ships in the pool, is Polanco park, so long time ago... years ago my older brother fall down to the pool , he was playing and so )

McLaranium 22-9-16 2016-09-22 02:49:54

About the map:

Red is the rout to walk (suggested by me).
Pink: interesting places to visit with me (or with some familiarized mexican citizen).
Blue: Airport, the attractions park and its famouse roller coaster , and the Formula 1 circuit (some other sports or shows too).

Just a few.... and there are some other zones recommended visit with some mexican citizen to you don't get lost in the big city or subway.

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