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sharing Beach photos - MEX
Started by McLaranium 20-4-16 .

there are a panorama photo, the beach is Playa Muņecos (doll beach)
not sure iF I posted before one picture of the place, you can identify the dolls, they are there! try it

McLaranium 20-4-16 2016-04-20 05:00:41

this is not the image about dolls I mean !
ya know this is my travel mate

(oops the video includes a Crab.. )

Post edited 20-4-16

Night Angel 21-4-16 2016-04-21 03:01:17

That's not your travel mate. That is the Chilling Pea from Plants vs Zombies 2!

McLaranium . 21-4-16
whatevaa -
he comes with me everywere
at the beginning the Green lanza-chicharos was the traveler,
now it's time to the Frozen -chicharos comes with me

[ link ]

Night Angel . 23-4-16
Wow, this one is really nice! [ link ]

McLaranium . 24-4-16
here is the video of that place:
my video:

and the 4k drone vid I found (not filmed by me)

- I'm not sure iF this weekend I should visit that place . . . trip traveling ya know, I have enough time , bun not enough $

Night Angel . 24-4-16
Awesome! I never thought that Mexico has such beautiful scenery!

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