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my district in MEX
Started by McLaranium 12-3-16 .

interesting this post, in spanish.
with photos take a tour though one of the most dangerous districts in the world. some nice points of view , with reality, sarcasm, irony and fun.

[ link ]
in spanish in MEX we don't mean district - we say Municipio.

26 Imágenes que sólo tendrán sentido si has visitado Ecatepec

McLaranium 20-4-16 2016-04-20 04:00:36


recently , my friend made an experiment based on google.
iF you want to try, you can, but we found so much interesting this fu*** test.

search in google for images of Ecatepec.
the results are terrific, macabre, crime, violence, trash, disorder, whatever shit you can imagine.

try then with another distric, not so far, example: Texcoco
all the image results changes radically

even you can feel another atmosphere, a so much different images . and iF you try another city.....

images inviting to you travel

that's all frends.
see you soon

Night Angel 24-4-16 2016-04-24 11:28:44

I don't get it. Do you mean the images of a nearby place were changed because of lack of updates? Or denial to provide images for that area?

McLaranium 27-4-16 2016-04-27 18:14:19

the images found on google about my district are so terrible ya know,
but images of other places are different! the result is some other place is better than this one, the photos show it
in the place I live the images invite to don't go,
other places invite you ti pass by, visit, stay or live there!

Night Angel 28-4-16 2016-04-28 09:15:28

Maybe you want to move out? Come to HK!

McLaranium 1-5-16 2016-05-01 05:18:45

at least I would like move to other near State!
Nohbudy lives ina cool place but so Desert, so hot heat, evil sun

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