A W V . The Finale
Started by Night Angel on 6 months ago .

Hi all, it is 20th birthday of Angelworld! In 1998, the first public version of the website was born, in beautiful and colorful outfit. Then AW continued to evolve and when version 8 was completed, numerous online and formal awards were received, attracting over thousands of visitors in a year.

The website further developed into a multi-site complex with its own forum and blog site. Finally v9 came which looks like what you are seeing right now, continuing the graphic excellence and expanding its audience by releasing phone and tablet subsites.

Now, the story is to reach the next chapter, version 10. I consider this as a finale of the whole angelic journey. I apologize to all of you to make this post as a teaser or announcement instead of an opening ceremony because of my overwhelming workload and personal commitments in life, but I can also assure of you that this version will come this year.

Announcing AWV, the upcoming heavenly place you will see. V, means me (Vincent), and also links back to the version of the first AW that awed you and the others back in 20 years ago. It will be about me, just me, and my works. I look forward to this new version as much as your anticipation, and hopefully you are to enjoy it as much as I do too!

Be angelic!

wintergal 6 months ago 2018-06-02 04:39:38

Looking forward to it!

Night Angel . 5 months ago
Thanks! Let's see what will be happening!

McLaranium 6 months ago 2018-06-02 08:55:28

we all love this heaven

Night Angel . 5 months ago

McLaranium . 5 months ago
and thanks for the time and patience! and thanks for the open -never close Thread "designers ignoring" -

Night Angel . 5 months ago
Haha, no worry!

manifest3r 4 months ago 2018-07-27 04:27:48

Def overdue for a design overhaul! No notch though, alright?

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