Rich people - Having Affair
Started by crays 27-6-13 .

This thought actually came around out of the blue, but in most places, you can see the percentage of wealthy people having an affair is actually higher, whereas people in the village that isn't wealthy compare to urban areas have a less tendency to have an affair.

There's a few reason to that, one being that village is smaller and population wise, people will tend to gossip and screw up your name, but is there another reason to evolution explanation?

Now we all know, the better genes tend to outlive others, which subtly means successful genes which are sometimes shown physically, animals that are more successful tends to spread their gene more often. Very simple example is the giraffe, longer neck giraffe tends to outlive others, and wanting to spread their gene.

Putting this into human context, could this be one of the reason of having affair? Subtly, unknown to us, there's actually the urge for successful people to spread their genes, which we see as an affair.


Nohbudy 28-6-13 2013-06-28 04:07:48

A lot of it I believe is the personality type. Someone who is a risk taker, who's not afraid of talking smooth, would be a successful businessman/politician/public personality. The same attributes which allows someone to harbour multiple relationships.

Then again, it may be a mix of a conformation bias and media focus on the rich & famous. We normal people tend to be private about such affairs, however many successful people are under constant public scrutiny.

crays 28-6-13 2013-06-28 09:12:56

True, but does mother nature or should i say our gene and natural urge has the slightly influence in it ?

Night Angel 1-7-13 2013-07-01 00:49:45

I don't think it is related to "evolution". I don't think it is related to the so-called gene sorting / gene perfecting either. It is just bullshit for excuses when someone cheats.

We have a saying in Chinese, "When one's stomach is satisfied, he will think about sex." In fact, when someone is busy with life like striving to make a living, the desire for intimacy drops. That's normal. When you are so occupied by your work / school work, you may reject your boyfriend's / girlfriend's needs on the bed. That's just normal because there are more primary targets in life.

The same applies to relationship. When you are "free" because you are rich (you have people working for you!), you will have more time to have fun, to enjoy life and to explore things. You may start to stray away and so something else, and who knows what you will do! I guess that's why in a more modern cities, such cheating rate should be higher.

There is nothing to do with genes, I swear. I don't think you will have smarter kids by being a father of more than one person.

crays 1-7-13 2013-07-01 04:21:22

Just a thought by me, would it have any relation, because frankly, this kinda stuff only occur in human, while in the animal kingdom, you just wanna continue passing on your gene.

Night Angel 1-7-13 2013-07-01 04:36:48

Well, I guess the animals don't even know what is "wrong". It is in their blood already.

However, for human, I mean, how hard is it to keep a relationship and be faithful? It is not easy, but that doesn't mean one has to cheat.

Even worse, if you ask those who cheated, they will probably think it is all because of desire, not really passing or looking for right or better genes.

crays 1-7-13 2013-07-01 09:51:55

Hahaha, mostly would be desire, tho i'm not sure if such facts can be generated by us we need more scientist to do experiments!

Night Angel 1-7-13 2013-07-01 15:24:41

I suppose it is just better to keep loyalty in your relationship. Some people say being faithful is hard. Hey, so cheating is easy? How about consequences?

Just like business. Starting one is easy, but keeping one is not so. 創業容易守業難, in Chinese. Knowing new friends and hooking onto one relationship are easy, but keeping a relationship or even marriage requires much more. So you want to be just an animal driven by the so-called genetic needs, or be a real man, real human being with moral codes?

wreckoning 5-7-13 2013-07-05 01:59:24

Cheating is like stealing, you know its bad, but the thrill of doing it and not being caught is too alluring.

Maybe wealthier individuals believe that they are above the law where few rules apply to them, that's why they like to cheat.

Perhaps, wealthier people have more egos, and having multiple relationships boost their ego. Which to me is just vanity, and really stressful to manage.

Or in the end, wealthier people are just lonely people, trying to find excitement in their lives. "Some people are so poor, all they have is money"


Night Angel 5-7-13 2013-07-05 02:06:09

*like wreckoning's comment*

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