Smartphone Etiqueette for Classic Dinner Date
Started by Night Angel 27-11-11 .

Make sure your technology stuff is not ruining your important dates...

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Smartphone Etiquette for the Classic Dinner Date

crays 6-1-12 2012-01-06 11:26:58

So true, i know, that's teenager nowadays, i wonder if the future generation would hook up just on internet.

Night Angel 7-1-12 2012-01-07 02:20:16

That is so sad...just so sad...

crays 7-1-12 2012-01-07 07:03:43

Indeed, how you ask a girl out... through sms... i've no idea how people does it nowadays. The gadgets and internet is hogging up their lives.

Night Angel 7-1-12 2012-01-07 14:07:06

Everything is so digitalized, and you know what, it is so fun and exciting to ask a girl out FACE TO FACE. I mean, that kind of meeting up reaction is just different!

crays 10-1-12 2012-01-10 12:40:37

so true! internet made it easy, but it just sucks.

Night Angel 11-1-12 2012-01-11 02:52:23

Sucks to have Internet or to have those people lingering on Internet for too much?

However, it is the education which should be blamed, especially home teaching. I mean, the parents play the most important role to bring up their kids, and all the manners and behaviours are from home teaching. The parents should be more alerted and pay more attention to that, not just blaming the schools for their own kids' wrongdoing.

crays 12-1-12 2012-01-12 11:39:52

I agree on the parents part, but i think it's the way they deal with their attitude. Back in my times when i'm a kid, i've quickly learn that we're not allowed to scream at or get angry with our parents, but now, i've seen children that scream and shout at the parents, and the parents shop like normal ignoring the annoying scream, it's so pathetic.

Night Angel 12-1-12 2012-01-12 13:50:22

At the same time, you know we don't have the "luxury" to shout at our kids anymore. We have regulations in Hong Kong that if you beat a kid, or even just heavy pat on the head, you may be sent to the jail for "physically abusing a child". If you ban them from dinner for just a night, you can be considered as "failure to look after children".

That makes the kid feel like they have all the reasons to be so free that you cannot control them in any way. Then, how can we teach them?

crays 14-1-12 2012-01-14 14:49:51

woah, really? that's absurd! When was this done in HK? How are people teaching their childs nowadays oh god.

wreckoning 18-1-12 2012-01-18 06:06:38

Quoting from crays

woah, really? that's absurd! When was this done in HK? How are people teaching their childs nowadays oh god.

I suggest making your kid go through some sort of rigorous sports related training, supervised by none other than yourself.

So if they could handle rigorous, then they could handle you just disciplining that ass.


crays 19-1-12 2012-01-19 13:07:49

kung fu it is i will apply.

Night Angel 20-1-12 2012-01-20 01:28:16

More like military training.

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