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The Tea. Healty - Psychotropic, myths and flavors
Started by McLaranium 9-2-12 .

I've known the tea is so healthy, I've drunk tea sometimes even when I've stomach-sick (because too much or something bad) and yes, tea is so good, flavor, healthy. I've known some tea is "hard" or not recommendable for kids or children.

how dangerous or not recommendable is the tea for kids or children? just some herbs ? is there some kind of teas recommendable for children?
is it truth the "gin seng" is like a psycho-effect ? some collateral reactions with this one?
have you noticed a good tea for pleasure and for health?

Night Angel 10-2-12 2012-02-10 02:50:41

I drink tea too, and that is a much more healthy option than other drinks like coffee. Sometimes, I drink coffee to boost my energy but after a while it loses power. Then I stop, but to continue to make myself more energetic, I drink tea instead.

I once fell in love with Japanese green tea, which is very soft and light, and I love the smell of green tea leaves. Now I have another favourite, which is Taiwan Mountain-top Oolong Tea (凍頂烏龍). The tea is of the same oolong tea family, but since it is from the top mountain of Taiwan, its quantity is very limited and it tastes very unique, which has a sweet aftertaste. It is still a light and pleasant tea.

I am also very fond of the French Earl Grey tea from TWG Company [ link ] . The earl grey has some flowery smell, and a slight smell of lime / lemongrass, very nice. The leaves are mixed with some blue flower petals, making it quite interesting to look at.

I sometimes have ginseng tea, but I don't think it is that strong. It has strong smell but it is not like a "Red Bull" kind of stimulant. It is actually a soothing drink!

And to me tea is not dangerous at all for kids. It is actually very mild, but of course we are not talking about black tea, which is very extreme.

crays 12-2-12 2012-02-12 05:53:19

I'm sure that most chinese would drink chinese tea. It's like a must in chinese culture

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