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Surgery - Open Skull against Depression
Started by McLaranium 28-7-10 .

I saw a few moments ago, in the TV News here in México there are a surgery implanting a CHIP like a hair size, implanted in the brain. It "changes at all" the wrong and bad insane ideas and conceptions arround you caused by depression. They show a Mrs. with the surgery and 24 hrs or less to the change, even the feeling or the thought about the life change radically. The chip changes your configuration ereasing - removing depression. (they say, they show, not me)

That's very interesting, I will search more info about it and I will update.

McLaranium 28-7-10 2010-07-28 14:47:23

it could be possible, and maybe true good considering new advances in healthcare medicals techs . Its interesting to me even more- to reduce and reject the use of pills or medicines famous like -pseudo drugs some medicines business is in risk

Night Angel 30-7-10 2010-07-30 13:19:29

But the idea scares me. Does that mean I have to be careful in case someone injects something into my head and changes my mind and emotions? That sounds horrible and very, um, frightening.

The way to cure depression, to me, is to cultivate good habits and set up correct attitudes to life. If you love life, you won't be depressed, right?

Marshmallo_Crown 30-7-10 2010-07-30 17:18:09

how does a chip work in a human brain? if it was an android then its different~ O.o; I dont get it~
the only chip thing i can think of is contact lens for people who have lost their sight. (seen on tv)
but it is scary having to be able to change emotions? it'd be scary if some sort of virus interferes it and takes over the body~ xD

McLaranium . 31-7-10
we aren't androids P
you're rght. .. and IF the chip contains some info ?? about . what?

Marshmallo_Crown . 1-8-10
lol i know i meant chip and human flesh? how does it connect O.o;

Night Angel 31-7-10 2010-07-31 02:55:45

Very soon someone will be using that as a weapon to affect or attack others...

I feel so hopeless and helpless at this point...

McLaranium 31-7-10 2010-07-31 06:14:44

Remember in old times, when psichology or psichiatric treatments were begining, there was a open-skull surgery named "trepanación" and more, and a lot of insanities or bad thoughts were deleted, the people was "saved from the sickness or depression.... or esquizofrenia. The bad: they made to the pascient an Idiot...
it would not be strange with a modern trepanation implants you wont' be zombie- after surgery.
I will search mor info, even my sister told me about one chip implanted about leave the smoking

Night Angel 31-7-10 2010-07-31 09:19:39

That's so stupid. How about just make a chip which prevents people from smoking...

crays 31-7-10 2010-07-31 11:28:49

i think the chip stimulates the nervous system so that you don't feel depressed. Tho i've no idea how they've done it. But altering your whole human behavior still have, i've to say, quite a long journey for the tech team, because you need to know how to and where to stimulate to get the effect, so far, the mind is not even fully mapped yet.

About the drilling holes in the skull technique, i've actually seen it on documentation. Really interesting, i feel like doing it, it gives me an idea of fresh and freedom. Oxygen going directly to your head. .

McLaranium 31-7-10 2010-07-31 17:37:39

Quoting from crays

i think the chip stimulates the nervous system

like is used in some treatments with pins, like "acupuntura"
[ link ]

but in this case, the brain . maybe.. is not impossible but strange

crays 1-8-10 2010-08-01 02:48:47

woah, acupuncture on the brain ?! Kinda scary LOL.

McLaranium . 1-8-10
the modern version of acupuncture is: "the chip in your drilled skull".
just a way to name it . is someway it could be possible I imagine.

Night Angel 2-8-10 2010-08-02 01:46:41

Acupuncture on the head is not a new thing. Chinese has done that long time ago since acupuncture was invented.

However, it has nothing to do with emotional things, like controlling depression or stuff like is only to cure your physical body and let your "system" run better...

crays 2-8-10 2010-08-02 12:01:54

I'm familiar with the term acupuncture, but never had i seen it done on the head tho . Acupuncture actually does helps with depression controls i think, it pinpoint your nerve system which i think some nodes that they've discovered does help relieve stress.

McLaranium 2-8-10 2010-08-02 18:10:42

I only want or expect people don't use medicines or pills to the "emotional things", the medication is and most be the last - last resource. The pill does not changes the idea or concept I have about something if I don't wanna change or I don't wanna release the bad thought.

"some nodes they've discovered"
-- I'v known new things on the brain are discovered like points to retain grey memory or some flavor, the area in charge to be worried, etc etc.. something so, but I think the surgery or the Depression Node in the brain its very very complex to identify, like the Gen of Blue Eyes or black hair...
(but non unpossible maybe )

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