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Aides Graffiti - NSFW
Started by crays 2-2-10 .

This is an ad i think, but seriously, the creativity totally amazed me! How they transformed such ugliness and taboo into an acceptable range.

[ link ]

Night Angel 2-2-10 2010-02-02 13:12:33

Wow, I was like, wow.

Good idea, and I love how the message is conveyed.

manifest3r 2-2-10 2010-02-02 19:37:43

did she draw it with her eyeliner?

Night Angel . 2-2-10

manifest3r . 3-2-10
...and she kept it x____x

Night Angel . 3-2-10
Kept back the eyeliner after drawing on the tiles?

crays . 3-2-10
well that is how the 'others' got there anyway

Night Angel . 4-2-10

McLaranium 2-2-10 2010-02-02 22:09:56

its very disgusting to me.. nasty or dirty or whatever..

it'sa Agressive, impactant, direct, excellent script to send a real message.

Reflects in a direct way reality and the seriousness of health prevention and selfcare aware infections.
yes it sends the right message in a funny and good way.

(but .. I dislike the style )
(my personal + professional opinion )

crays 3-2-10 2010-02-03 12:16:06

Hahahaha, well, i was totally amazed by this. I mean, they transform those so called 'dirty' graffiti into something so awesome. The story is easy, simple and precise.

McLaranium . 4-2-10
simple, precise.. easy.. yes! I agree.
I feel it like gross or porn but just my imagination my culture my religion my taboo bla bla

crays . 4-2-10
Yeah! But i don't know if they would actually allow that ad here. Kinda weird for my country's main races.

Night Angel . 4-2-10
McL, open up your mind!

There is no porn inside to me, because nothing is arousing, and nothing is meaning something about desire. It though illustrates the truth, the very truth in our life.

McLaranium . 6-2-10
Vincent, !
I have the mind so wide open like the hell doors but ... sometimes I'm in conflict with my imaginary friends .
nothing else beyond the reality about this addver..

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