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Mental - Psycho - phobias?
Started by McLaranium 25-9-09 .

have you even thought you are crazy? are you a psycho? xD or... do you think you are relaxed and calmed person .. is your mind cool as fresh icecream ?? are you afraid for the darkness?? some Fobia?? the small places devore you ? can't you support the rain down your face? fobia - horror for something ??
don't share or talk intimal file . . I know a friend can't support and really dislikes and hates the mouses even on TV or photos!
and in my case I will share . . .

watching the chickens video in the other thread, I posted my opinion.. whatever.. but. it's disturbing and traumatic and shocking to my mind. I can't support things related death or deseases... my trauma and psychologic issue. I'm very sensitive and fragile about some video like that - and I've seen GORE or rotten things and - my mind gets broken since 4 years old aprox.. my "shadow-concept-fear" about death or desease is with me.
I remember someone said "fear - afraid about clowns"

crays 26-9-09 2009-09-26 14:19:52

lol, i think i'm same like you mani . Resident evil, final destination ._. Blood everywhere, but still, if there's movie about those intestine falling out and stuff, i still can take it, but i will stop watching somehow ._. too gory.

wreckoning 27-9-09 2009-09-27 15:20:01

Phobias, well my input on this topic is that you can see ppl's phobias through their preferences in movies at times.

Or you could just observe a lot, especially at the workplace

Night Angel 28-9-09 2009-09-28 03:43:13

that is nice observation! and yeah, selecting movies can reveal what you like and you don't like though never completely accurate

crays 28-9-09 2009-09-28 06:17:35

Well true, but those are only phobias for like horror. You don't get many like spider or snakes shows do you ? lol

McLaranium 29-9-09 2009-09-29 04:09:12

My sister-in-law , cuñada -- ok she can't support blood, gets so nervious even in some analysis.

I think I can support the movies and the medical surgeries, because it does not mean something BAD in my mind: movie = movie, just that. Medicals: whatever is for health or cience (even authopsy or necropsy).

The chickens.... or some gore stories . .. really attack me, I fall dawn so depressed, desperated, sad, scared, and the phobia about deadth comes and I feel like a "delirium caused by high body-temperature" (yes that's the comparison in the effect on me). My self-therapy is distract the mind because... I don't know what could happen

Insane? crazy? yes .. because I like SCREAM and SCREAM II, SCREAM II movies !! Halloween, SAW series, and the horror - phantoms, mystery movies I love the love movies are my choice too.

yes... I said maybe my subconcience knows and me know that's a movie just... I will post later where my desease-phobia comes from

One friend told me he and his friend were in a tall mountain and will take the transporter cart (that cubic mounted in cable to pass one mountain to other). Their friend could not walk, his legs were blocked !! the high altitude was terrible ya know, some people is very very scary and sensitive in the high places to watch down ... I can stay in a tall tower in the floor 50 and watch the city watch down and take photos . I could be in top of Eiffel but I'm not afraid . . .BUT:
Anablephobia. I have fear to looking up.

[ link ]

The inverse of vertigo watchind down ! I can stay in a floor 50 taking photos , I've been there... but iF I watch to sky .. .. I feel something rare fear!!!

I will post later where comes from my TRAUMA about death or desease .. yes I think there'sa difference between Taruma and Phobia .. or maybe it's the same ?

Post edited 29-9-09

crays 29-9-09 2009-09-29 10:26:59

Well if you say medicals, some of the chickens are used to do research for health purposes. Like bombarding them with radiation or similar mutagen.

But yeah, i have fear of heights too, but i guess i'm not so affected by it nowadays

McLaranium 1-10-09 2009-10-01 03:42:43

my mother says the same Crays, some animals are treated in different ways for medical and science at least I think in these labs exist a little bit of respect (I hope so in the majority).

crays 2-10-09 2009-10-02 10:28:40

Actually no. They're treating those species really cruelly. Bombarding them with things that they knew would harm them in the most harmful way to search for a way to cure not them, but us.

Night Angel 2-10-09 2009-10-02 13:44:15

But in that way maybe you can see if as a kind of sacrifice for our better future. Without them, we may never get useful information in medicine and science advancement.

But killing those chickens in a cruel way is only to show our lack of sympathy in order to feed our own physical needs. That's just pathetic and horrible.

crays 3-10-09 2009-10-03 02:48:04

Yeah. I still couldn't get it how can those worker actually still work there. The thought of killing one is.... scary enough. Not to say doing it, again and again.

Night Angel 5-10-09 2009-10-05 09:34:04

So sad, and now I understand why some people say that our world is just psycho...maybe it is really psycho...

crays 6-10-09 2009-10-06 10:19:54

Brain washed. Scary.

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