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influenza porcina - pork influenza
Started by McLaranium 26-4-09 .

Is not a viral infection growing from aplace.. yes it is but first cases of infection about Pork Virus (a hard gripe) wan in a state inside mexico, so other cases in a remote state.. so... another case in USA ! I could imagine a virus could attack a poblation, so growing and so, but I've noticed the virus started in San Luis Potosi , after it Oaxaca and Mexican Capital (remote disnances between! )- I imagine the virus started and people contaminated with it traveled to other places. but SUDDENLY. it's strange.

No school, wash hands, cover your face-mouth nose if you go out, don't go to cinema, stadiums, concerts (public shows are canceled). is not like Residen Evil or Exterminio movie but if you are unlucky the virus could reach you if someone breaths - or expunge something near to you . whatever the country is goin on, life continues but careful and no schools or churchs .

[ link ]

[ link ]

and: it's more panic than risk. :

Post edited 26-4-09

crays 15-12-09 2009-12-15 03:25:49

I can't remember how they do it but it should be this one [ link ]

According to them, english has a complexity of 9 and whales have the most complex of all.

McLaranium 20-12-09 2009-12-20 07:34:22

I was sick .. so terrible.
I recovered good.

my mother was sick ... flu or gripe too..
she recovered good.. no problem.

I visit a sick friend.. he was sick by some Flu or gripe or something...

My mother gets sick again...

do you think can I carry on the virus ?? do you think can i be transporter of virus without be infected but my family or someone near to me yes it was? I imagine my friend's virus was on me.. or inside our car. or maybe other source of infection attacked my mother ..

crays 20-12-09 2009-12-20 12:29:32

It is possible to carry it i think, because it is constantly mutating i mean the virus.

Night Angel 20-12-09 2009-12-20 15:19:08

However, I think McL you should see the doctor and have a body check. It can be just typical flu, but you never know. If you have fever, the chance you have it is big.

And yes, it is contagious, and it is HIGHLY contagious and thus the outbreak across the world.

I just got the vaccination done this noon.

You are better now McL?

McLaranium 20-12-09 2009-12-20 20:18:37

yes we are better .. just 2 days very down-sick-

yes we will go to doctor furthermore my mother feels some strange in the fingertips on right hand.

good news are my niece 7yrs has been good too without get sick ! she has been in risk because in her school and we at home.. time to prevent more with more juices I guess.

Post edited 20-12-09

crays 21-12-09 2009-12-21 11:04:36

Ah, i'm glad then

but this contagious virus is known to attack and kill the young and the elder ones because of their weak immune system.

Night Angel 21-12-09 2009-12-21 13:22:58

Not really. According to my sister who is a doctor, this disease can also attack the fittest because it messed up with the immune system. If your immunity is very good, and if that disease can really get into the body, it may cause your immunity system to fight with itself, allowing other virus to attack you.

That's why you can see on the news that many of the infected actually died because of other diseases or the latent diseases they have already. The swine flu is like igniting the whole deadly process...

McLaranium 21-12-09 2009-12-21 23:11:09

then the Flu by pork or chicken or Ah1n1 is not the lethal per-se.. if you have some "weak-point" the risk is higher in danger... ?
a few years ago my mother was vaccinated - vacunated.. . against a type of Flu. she was very sick like a "normal sympthom".
but I've known the mutations are so complex .. I've heard we only can prevent in majority of cases liek best recomendation.

Night Angel 22-12-09 2009-12-22 03:00:30

Yeah you can see that. It is like a weak point thing.

I read that this time the swine flu came back with much mutation and more powerful than before. Everyone better be prepared and get healthy now.

McLaranium 22-12-09 2009-12-22 05:47:14

damn.... it makes me think the virus get stronger with new medicines. like "viruse learns" or "feeds from medicines" ? I undertsand now how in news and reports the fight agains Flu is so hard- also the mutations...

my mother told me iF someone does not finish till the end the medicine-medical treatment in "gripe" or "average flu", the virus becomes stronger it means iF you got to take 20 pills you got to finish them not only because you are fine at the pill 15. or if you got to admin 5 you got to use them the 5 ... that's why the visures aren't killed at all because the treatments aren't completed.

you say "be prepared".. yes.. I think if we prevent higienics and vitamins like juicies the virus won't find host ... do you think prevention is a good key?

Night Angel 22-12-09 2009-12-22 09:17:34

Prevention is ALWAYS the key do a lot of exercise, have a very regular timetable for every day, drink a lot of water, get at least 8 hours of sleep a day, eat a lot of fruits and vegetable...all these will help you have a healthy body to fight against all kinds of diseases

crays 23-12-09 2009-12-23 11:39:46

Really? Isn't that the case for HIV? Like weakening the body and stuff. Ah well then, everyone be prepared. Daily are provided. Dose up.

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