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Testing thread creation with reference to another thread
Notice . Started by ikomi 14-1-21 .

This thread is to test creation of a new thread that refers to another thread. It would also be turned into a notice and sticky to make it more annoying. This thread will be deleted afterwards to test thread deletion.

Oh, and have some jam too.

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Night Angel 15-1-21 2021-01-15 02:33:10

Testing attachment as well...

ikomi 15-1-21 2021-01-15 02:43:31

For a moment I was expecting the picture to be a LEGO train.

Let's have some more jam ... it's still showing a "fakepath", but maybe the power of the jam will allow it to be posted.

Night Angel . 15-1-21
I was about to choose that LEGO picture...

Night Angel . 15-1-21
I search online and realize that the FAKEPATH thing is a browser stuff, not this website...let me know if there is any way to remove that and show just the file name...

ikomi . 15-1-21
There should be a way ... can you replace the string with some JS? Something like: [ link ]

Night Angel . 15-1-21
Good stuff! Let me check this link!

ikomi 15-1-21 2021-01-15 02:45:59

Yay, it worked. Testing disable auto-link. Source:

McLaranium 15-1-21 2021-01-15 12:22:39

becasue I don't know so well how to apply the option

this line is more to add a picture (attachment)

I don't know if the word Attachment ill be there so, because here only Pictures- images are allowed,
so instead "attachment" , maybe "images" or "picture" or something , means directly for a picture as is

my gossip bla bla bla grrrpps

McLaranium 15-1-21 2021-01-15 12:23:01

ooh! it works

ikomi 15-1-21 2021-01-15 23:20:22

Are those your ?

ikomi . 16-1-21
Worse? How?

McLaranium . 17-1-21
the chew cables of chargers, keyboard, charges, headphones, lamps...
if I leave them free I can't sleep 'cause I listen the kitchen or the stuff falling. one kitty has the world record of kneading over me.
other siamese has the world record to be attached , really pasted on me! as seen on my instag ( jamdvx)
whatever food I have - a Taco or sandwich most be inspectionated and approved by them.

ikomi . 17-1-21
Yeah, some cats seem to like using cables as chew toys ... and lounging in

Aww, they like you. So they are your stewards too? (Test food for quality and poisons)

McLaranium . 20-1-21
hah ha:
"approved, good flavor"
"unapproved, not enough poison , it won't kill you so, add more "
yes .. yes .. I can hear them say it...

ikomi . 20-1-21

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