adobe flash is unknown (google shows this)
Started by McLaranium 18-3-17 .

iF Google suggests or shows "similar results", it is because some people is searching for that (I suppose it).

I see, some poeple (really don't know who can be) is searching for:
"what is adobe flash cs6, what's adobe flash use for, ... what's the use of adobe flash pro"
I start to think it's strange, unknown or very ridiculous to ask
"what's adobe profesional use for"
(o0) I think, a lot of people linked or related to graphic design is asking for that question.... not just random people interested to know about Flash.

considering the ages of Flash decadence, you can imagine the age average of the people asking that. it's in spanish, results by Google and location of MX, maybe the lack of awareness is because it's MEX.

* This post is written without care about the english grammar by international spanish-transtaltion reasons.

ikomi 19-3-17 2017-03-19 04:41:25

Maybe some are just starting out and learning?

Being in graphic design doesn't necessarily mean any kind of familiarity with Flash, especially in the past few years when it's used less given HTML5 and other competing tech. I don't know if it's just a MX trend.

McLaranium . 19-3-17
here in this side of the world, people only knows "snapchat", facebook, tweeter. , - designers they think Pantone is a kind os sasquatch, and trends? obscene, vulgarity and trashwords.
that's why I love AW

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