Amazing Paint Blobs by Colored Pencils
Started by Night Angel 16-8-17 .

Saw this from Ultralinx, which are amazing!

Cj Hendry is an American artist who has created a vibrant, colourful project titled Complimentary Colors, the project sees CJ create blobs of paint that look like they've been created with a large paintbrush, but in actual fact, they've all been created using just pencils. Check out CJ's work below and follow her Instagram if you want more.

McLaranium 16-8-17 2017-08-16 16:43:51

I saw similar paintings. the effect applied for drops and eye makeup (all drawings).
effects like that are very impressing

Night Angel 19-8-17 2017-08-19 14:29:05

Indeed, very beautiful! It takes both extraordinary skills and also great observation!

McLaranium 19-8-17 2017-08-19 20:26:33

and the perspective angle - not only applying the colour or pen, shadow, the size and angle ! very good works. it reminds me the paintings with chalk , on the floor with perspective realistic.

Night Angel 21-8-17 2017-08-21 02:04:44

Talking about chalk painting, how about this? [ link ]

McLaranium 21-8-17 2017-08-21 04:09:21

it could be so interesting and nice when I was in school, I wonder why we never did it. I like this expression to beg DON'T EXAM TEST PLEASE "

time ago when I was in school student's weren't allowed to ask chalk. The teacher was in charge to ask for his own chalk, .
one day - when the class started, there was not chalk, we explained him we aren't allowed to ask for chalk.
the teacher goes 2 floor down to get chalk. meanwhlie I saw in the trashcan pieces of chalk, I recovered and I put them on the board for the teacher use them. when he returned with new chalk, he saw the pieces there... getting angry, WHY DO WE HIDE CHALK AND HE GOES AND COME BACK BLABLA BLA... .

we had a teacher with a defective earing audition difficulty, one mate draws a dog with antenna in the ear .. (o0) so rare joke maube disgusting

in the grammar lesson - we had a teacher with a rare name . in spanish changing a letter and listening you could hear the teacher's name like "wonderful genitals" . something modified but with grammar bases and it was written like a "today's lesson".

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