Multiple Dimensions - Alumni Exhibition of School of Architecture, CUHK
Started by Night Angel 8-5-17 .

I don't know if I should put it here in this group but yeah, it is architecture and so it is design!

My alumni association has organized this exhibition event, called Multiple Dimensions, to showcase the works of more than 20 alumni, as part of the celebration for 25th Anniversary of School of Architecture, CUHK. The exhibits include real architecture works, renderings and design concepts, sculptures and graphical works which are pretty amazing! I am honored to be invited and selected to be part of this, and showcase my architectural LEGO models! What is more, this exhibition is at Times Square, Causeway Bay, where you will find huge amount of circulation! I hope to be exposed more in this way!

In architecture, “dimensions” is often used as a mathematical term to measure size or distance in space. Yet, in a broader sense, “dimensions” also implies diversity in perspective, aptly describing us as alumni of the School of Architecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

To pursue individual passions with architectural knowledge as the core of our professional development, to push ourselves and challenge the norms of being an “architect” are what we have learned in our university education. In celebration of the Silver Jubilee of our School of Architecture this past year, we hope that this exhibition projects the “multiple dimensions” of our fellow alumni across two decades, unleashing interdisciplinary creativity on a dynamic spectrum, while advocating the different social roles as architects who aspire to imagine, innovate and impact.

Let me know if you need more photos! Know more about this in their website too:

McLaranium 10-5-17 2017-05-10 04:59:57

Vincent: have you ever thought to be a teacher or instructor of Architecture ?

Night Angel 10-5-17 2017-05-10 06:53:51

Actually yes, but not now. When I am still healthy and energized, I want to do some actual architectural works before spending my life in a teacher's room, doing research and preparing notes, haha...

Why ask?

McLaranium . 11-5-17
I think when you like and when you're so enthusiast (and love or passion) your carreer path, we are motivated to teach . and still I have the drop in my mind to be graphic design instructor. not in school and work for some institution, i choos like independent with a friend.

Night Angel . 11-5-17
I no doubt want to teach and inspire the younger generation, but somehow I don't think I am ready yet. I will continue to achieve the same, ie to inspire, through actual work and achievements.

McLaranium . 11-5-17
"no doubt" you can inspire professionals and students since todays! a good step forward is the expo and events you are involved too. success ! best wishes ya know. ( one out of thread and intimate question: is your wife architect too? or is she engineer? )

Night Angel . 12-5-17
Thanks for your support, McL! my wife is not any of these professionals. She works in the administrative office in a university

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