Design - and client ignoring design process (print)
Started by McLaranium 16-7-09 .

Hello.. here sharing something.

A "client" named Toff received a project to develope and design a box for a product.

Toff tells me:
"I want a box, the real and final how it finally will be done. "

It means costs of production.. am I right? Enough paper to press machine, printing cost and pre-press work and film. And I need of course the files illustrator, psd, jpg... ya know.

Toff contracts a design PIN PON agency to develope the design and art files. Pin Pon agency delays and make the process slow... even when they send the files, send the illustrator file without LINKED IMAGES, and missed fonts (fonts aren't converted in outlines)... ya know what it means.
I request the right files, and my requeriments.... delay... again while Toff request to his agency Pin Pon....

Toff says:
1 - "I need the real and final box exactly as the final production will be...... tomorrow... because the dummy made in plotter does not match in colours. (we reply: "yes we know it, that's why we attached the photo in high quality print with the right colours")

2 - "I have the time over, I need the box tomorrow...
(we reply: "your designers delayed .... )

Toff replies: "the delay is yours.... bla bla.. ok... then take your time but I need the box made"

We reply: "OK, the work costs 150 USD, paper, print, pre-press-- "

3 - Toff says: "if I have a change in the design, you most assume the costs, you most assume the production costs, iF your client has changes you pay for it"

WE: "it does not apply because iF there's a change in the design, it is because the client needs it or wants it, is not by a mistake by us".

4 - toff says: I won't give you the money to solve the production till I have the final box"

-- ME , my reply " sorry I can't help you...."

This is not the end of story ..... damns.

First problem when it started: my boss wanted SAVE money for them sending a plotter test... from the begining we should send the price for the Final and Original test, I imagine He pays and that's good.-- but iF the final client has "modifications" ?? I imagine Toff most pay for another test... not me. but. He puts the blame on me. even: Instead talk with the client about a Final Test Costs Production he talk about "yes.. yes.. I give my ass. yes.. yes"..... instead Sell solutions sell problems.
aah!!! exaclty one client requested me an original and final prototype for one packaging box, "she" understands and agrees the production costs and the "INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING". With this client no problems found. Really. She requests, I sey "it costs $$, do you agree?" - Yes I agree"-she said.----

McLaranium 4-11-16 2016-11-04 01:59:18

Client: -
I have purchased with you time ago, can you gieve me prices? I'm from Babys Boutique.

- me: this is the price list.

your prices are higher more expensive than the last time (18 months ago), so I ask you at least give me the same price. thank you.

with the new trend of facebook, twetter, youtube , you can be exposed and posted , that's why I refrain to reply what I would like puke in their face

also I promised to shut up, don't talk more than the necessary in the right kind . (o0).

at least in MEX, prices get higher prices are increased everytime, the currency and petrol prices are insane bla blah bla, paper, printing, gas even the McDonald's cheese burguer has increased its price. *sigh

i won't give say or explain anything else for the client, no replies . iF that clien insists, maybe I would try to deal "purchase 1 000 shopping bags, pay it all at once in advance and I will give you the same price".
but only iF he calls again.

Night Angel 4-11-16 2016-11-04 03:07:32

Tell your client, it is inflation. Are they selling / offering the same products / services at the same prices like 18 months ago?

Even if they are, sorry, not the same here in this shop.

McLaranium 4-11-16 2016-11-04 04:07:59


Night Angel . 6 months ago

McLaranium 6 months ago 2017-04-26 22:57:25

From Night Angel:

Tell your client, it is inflation. Are they selling / offering the same products / services at the same prices like 18 months ago? Even if they are, sorry, not the same here in this shop.

a few days ago:
- client: you provided me this bags time ago, please send me the new price list . the design is the same.

. ( I send the prices)

-Client: is this the best price? two years ago the price was $ 6 pesos... hoe you can hel us with this.

( I moved the e-mail to SPAM, I won't reply and iF they call, I'm so far away lost in a Hong Kong car repair shop).. iF the purchase was a nice amount, I can offer discounts and special offers as commonly I do, but considering one little purchase in 2 years and the most: The refference about 2 years ago price .

ikomi 6 months ago 2017-04-27 00:11:02

Were groceries the same prices 2 years ago as they are today or lower? No? Employees are people and need to eat too.

It's okay to explain to the client production costs at bulk and offer a discount at a certain quantity. Good to remain firm, as the next time some people will try to lower your prices (maybe even further than before, to push the limits) .

McLaranium 4 months ago 2017-06-14 03:47:42

This post is used by me to write about my anger rage . . . !
Close this or I will be posting things as follows (short version)

Client - I want my logo printed in 2 ink colours : blue and grey.

WHY THE fu**** stupid designer of ** * " # & $ ~ ¬ he sends a file with a CMYK colour?

Pantone 294 is a mix of basic colours to obtain a blue tone and so: one ink.
Client sends Pantone 103-16C is a mix of four ink values in 4 printing plates

does he have the pantone colour book? if it so, then only has the unusual CMYK pantone guide (o0)
does he knows or maybe have a printed book pantone colour guide?
does he sellect a colour in screen and software without know ** * what's the right colour pallete? as usual by "designers" , they sellect the pallette of colours "just because is there and I choose my ass" .
I don't want to think vulgar and violent words... .- but they make me exploit !
*sigh - I deny and I never say my profession (editorial graphic designer) because the profesion is full of %" = wannabes amateurs in MEX

and to develope that easy logo : do you need the last and most recent iLlustrator version? # ~
you can't imagine the kind of vulgar and offensive words are passing in my mind.

maybe is better a fresh drink

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McLaranium 2 months ago 2017-08-11 18:48:01

possible client:
"I need prices. this sizes and quantity. it will be printed both sides, the design will be sended by us."

(ah!, you leave it clear, I though I had to invent the design for print).
AND OF COURSE, he is a graphic designer, maybe that explains why.

McLaranium 2 months ago 2017-08-21 04:13:01

only a graphic designer or a carpenter could be the responsable of this. I received it to work.. but ..

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ikomi 3 weeks ago 2017-10-01 05:03:54

Yeah, that's shoddy. Did they eventually correct it?

Also, nooo, we won't close this thread. The stories are too funny.

Night Angel 3 weeks ago 2017-10-01 14:37:59

we need to see this further developed to be a real document of failed client cases...

ikomi 3 weeks ago 2017-10-01 14:58:56

Enough material for a book?

Night Angel 3 weeks ago 2017-10-02 01:12:37

I guess so haha

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