Design - and client ignoring design process (print)
Started by McLaranium 16-7-09 .

Hello.. here sharing something.

A "client" named Toff received a project to develope and design a box for a product.

Toff tells me:
"I want a box, the real and final how it finally will be done. "

It means costs of production.. am I right? Enough paper to press machine, printing cost and pre-press work and film. And I need of course the files illustrator, psd, jpg... ya know.

Toff contracts a design PIN PON agency to develope the design and art files. Pin Pon agency delays and make the process slow... even when they send the files, send the illustrator file without LINKED IMAGES, and missed fonts (fonts aren't converted in outlines)... ya know what it means.
I request the right files, and my requeriments.... delay... again while Toff request to his agency Pin Pon....

Toff says:
1 - "I need the real and final box exactly as the final production will be...... tomorrow... because the dummy made in plotter does not match in colours. (we reply: "yes we know it, that's why we attached the photo in high quality print with the right colours")

2 - "I have the time over, I need the box tomorrow...
(we reply: "your designers delayed .... )

Toff replies: "the delay is yours.... bla bla.. ok... then take your time but I need the box made"

We reply: "OK, the work costs 150 USD, paper, print, pre-press-- "

3 - Toff says: "if I have a change in the design, you most assume the costs, you most assume the production costs, iF your client has changes you pay for it"

WE: "it does not apply because iF there's a change in the design, it is because the client needs it or wants it, is not by a mistake by us".

4 - toff says: I won't give you the money to solve the production till I have the final box"

-- ME , my reply " sorry I can't help you...."

This is not the end of story ..... damns.

First problem when it started: my boss wanted SAVE money for them sending a plotter test... from the begining we should send the price for the Final and Original test, I imagine He pays and that's good.-- but iF the final client has "modifications" ?? I imagine Toff most pay for another test... not me. but. He puts the blame on me. even: Instead talk with the client about a Final Test Costs Production he talk about "yes.. yes.. I give my ass. yes.. yes"..... instead Sell solutions sell problems.
aah!!! exaclty one client requested me an original and final prototype for one packaging box, "she" understands and agrees the production costs and the "INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING". With this client no problems found. Really. She requests, I sey "it costs $$, do you agree?" - Yes I agree"-she said.----

McLaranium 6 months ago 2017-08-21 04:13:01

only a graphic designer or a carpenter could be the responsable of this. I received it to work.. but ..

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ikomi 5 months ago 2017-10-01 05:03:54

Yeah, that's shoddy. Did they eventually correct it?

Also, nooo, we won't close this thread. The stories are too funny.

Night Angel 5 months ago 2017-10-01 14:37:59

we need to see this further developed to be a real document of failed client cases...

ikomi 5 months ago 2017-10-01 14:58:56

Enough material for a book?

Night Angel 5 months ago 2017-10-02 01:12:37

I guess so haha

McLaranium 4 months ago 2017-11-02 06:34:12

I could talk the long story, but this thread is just for macabre and horror stories about my work and clients.

today, was the most terrible day (one of them)
today was so terrible, a really bad day that makes you become into psycho.
and at the end of the day: a client at 10:15 pm.
This client is a Miss and the work is in progress.

ussually I send the preview with margins and printing areas, the sometimes the illustrator or corel screen area, nothing more than a preview.

" - one team mate saw the template you use, and he says there's a line that makes the bag not properly folded or the cutting will be wrong. "

do you want me to give more details? and it occurrs in a terrible and shocking day.

maybe I will copy and paste this "funny" histories for my blog.
I suppose this thread won't be closed

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Night Angel 3 months ago 2017-11-03 07:04:24

Is she trying to teach you how to make the bag work?

McLaranium . 3 months ago
she told me:
"don't think issunderstand my comment, I don't doubt you know the work... just my Team Mate told me about the lines in the diagramm and I just wanted to know about it, anything else.."

The storm of the current days:

- I got to pay and re-print for one work I did, I did not include a "fill colour" in a logo and it was my mistake

- Other work with a bad paper provided by the printer man, and the silver stamp on it: is defective . He got to re print it .

- Another work - the printer shop did it with bad ink and the texst are messed. the borders with ink traces. they will repeat it.

(and family discussions add to my eyes!! )
bad days . . . .

Night Angel . 3 months ago
But those things happened before, right? So you know how to tackle with them. It is just bad that several instances of the same thing happened at the same time.

McLaranium . 3 months ago
something strange (o0) even one client friend of mine had troubles with a printing job for boxes! blame it on the zodiac

Night Angel . 3 months ago

McLaranium 3 months ago 2017-11-16 07:02:05

I don't know why this thread still is open. I don't know I wonder what's the point to keep it open.

short version of the puke trash I received via email:

person: "tell me the price of a green bag glossy paper and rainbow ribbons"

me: ok - this is the price. $$

person: this is the example (a photo) of the bags I want, embossed logo please
(white bag, logo one colour.)

me: this is the new price for the work you ask for. $$

person: "this is a different price list !, anything related for the bag I asked before,. I want to know the price of the same bag I asked first time, now the difference is you saw the sample of the design to print, please can you review the price list?"

I only can say:
a lot of people is very stupid, idiot zombies caught in the internet. they imagine they're working and organizing projects, but reality shows unhappy people linked wired to a matrix full of ignorance they can't notice.

what is worse?
to say how very bad and wrong people are?
myself saying my skills and good habilities ?

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ikomi 3 months ago 2017-11-19 01:37:14

Maybe they want a glossy green bag with an embossed logo in one colour and rainbow ribbons?

McLaranium 3 months ago 2017-11-20 05:21:37

the poison is when the mail and their redaction is intented to focus a blame on me, trying to show that "Jorge is wrong, he did the mistake".

- multicolor print, what's the price?
. This is the price
- thank you, this is the graphic art for the work, confirm the price - I want it in only one colour
. this is the price
- this is different ... can you review and tell me what happened?

I don't know iF the job in McDonald's is ... more easy and relaxed - hahah maybe similar than mine

I always remember when iK0mi said: "it must be funny"
I'm starting to think so. (O0)

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McLaranium 2 months ago 2017-12-06 22:36:07

old client , he purchased time ago , now comes back :

Hello, I want to know prices, give me a sample of purple color.
- is it with the same design?
Yes, it's the same design with a change.

I think it's not necessary to say any more.
"it's the same but different. "
it's different but it's the same.

McLaranium 1 month ago 2018-01-05 23:03:22

I would like to understand...

one person ask for prices and send the image example, thats so good to see design and colours . I send the prices. and the person replies:

- thank you, can you design a virtual sample (or render) with our design?

thats similar to:
"hey, this is my sample, can you design one sample too?"

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