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hotels cheap, expensive, luxor - hostal to choose
Started by McLaranium 9 months ago .

time ago! I asked to NightAngel about prices of Hotel in Tokyo.
similar prices in Tokyo than Mexico, with the difference in MEX, not a good zone and not as good "service" as Tokyos. - affordable hosting in Tokyo while you can save the money for a lower class hotel and go shopping with the savings! yes good idea by NightA

I was browsing internet, and I heard about Nickelodeon Hotel in Quintana Roo, México.

I've seen better Google reviews for different hotels.
some reviews give 4 points average for other options while Nickelodeon receive 3 points average.
Some average hotels with better reviews are 1 0 0 0 % lower price than Nickelodeon resort. I imagine: the name, the brand, Méxican classic abuse....
some review said: "with the amount $$ you could pay a different vacations in Orlando"
in my opinion: very expensive, similar to pay USD for a

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