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We are the world, really we all (help or charity)
Started by McLaranium 10 months ago .

Just I noticed (even time ago)
You can watch on TV or Youtube a report about a poor community or district, with so terrible histories as we know, people in Delhi, Chiapas, Nairobi . . .
a lot of people really don't help them, and the idea for help comes and starts when a famous Youtuber posts the "scenes" and history.
Those people starts saying : let's help, give me the link to send, let's organize charities to send - blaah blah blah.

I'm sure there are oportunities to help and give donations / charities in their near zone or city, instead look around and start the help in their own country they say "let's help other country/city" , meanwhile their own country is not considered in first place.

if those zombies were really interested to help, they would not be commenting and promoting "emotional activism" on youtube, because already they have a good and admirable participation in theyr country and they are happy workin on it.

just my gossip.

ikomi 10 months ago 2021-04-08 20:32:00

Good point overall. Part of it might be lack of awareness. Some places have big charities campaigning for them (including publicity/ads on cable TV and other traditional media), while other places and causes don't get as much funding or attention.

Still, sometimes having a celebrity or leader advocate and do work on the ground can make a difference. It's like a positive reinforcement a certain cause is worth supporting. It can be motivating for a lot of people waiting for someone else to take the first step.

McLaranium 10 months ago 2021-04-09 09:57:57

I agree: both sides, only rest "to think for a better choice".
Good to have celebrities or public famous figures to lead a campaign.
If a mexican youtuber goes to Venezuela and starts the "emotion" to help some comuna, I would consider my neighbor for lenses, dental care or family pantry.
- so "rare" (odd?) if I invite or start the intention to help venezolans, being mexican, with mexicans.

extra gossip:
I had a neighbor, he moved to other State , before it, he adopted a homless, he gave him house, food, work, "an adopted son" !
I will ask for info about it, because my neighbor unfortunelly died by COVID (00) . That kind of help really changed a life.

McLaranium 10 months ago 2021-04-09 23:11:00

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Post edited 10 months ago

McLaranium 10 months ago 2021-04-09 23:23:44

out of thread?
is the internet / are the massive movements of people : a lie?

I've seen girls and boys, men and women with good contents, really good contents, to know, to learn, to get fun, to start the imagination, contents to motivate and ya know, internet and youtube have a very wide variety, and a lot of content creators with a few subscribers.

I know a guy of Peru, with effort to create content and get friends, without follow to be a business man with Google Monetizer or Sponsors, 2 800 subs.

There is a girl in Brasil, blonde and Teacher of Piano ! (I'm a disgrace, I wanna play and I don't know... when she plays and imparts lessons!! ) - 1900 subscribers.

if some of them was linked, commented by a Famous Youtuber, or with a mention in "massive media" of course, that's a kind of help marketing publicity. no matters if your content is good or average or bad.

with +5 000 000 subscribers, no comments allowed, four months on youtube, and no sense conents, just a history about a surgery and a little grammar/talk problem and really compared to other channels ... please ...
( ¬¬) .

this brasilian girl (even I like her, she's pretty )

imagine the following:
/Elon Musk giving a like in one of my Twitts
/Cristiano Ronaldo commenting "good job I like it" in one deviantart/Night Angel render.
/ iK0mi featured in the front page of iTunes music singing his new song.

maybe this is not a lie as I asked before, maybe this is just like the Hamelin effect with his flute. As marketing and advertising:
people is more emotional than rational, being so, caught in the trick.

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