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what I found interest in the internet (in the world)
Started by McLaranium 25-5-20 .

This section in the forum says: Travel & Cultures , what is interesting in other places on Earth.
I just follow the rule


The lego bees and beehive . Imagine to hit it with a baseball bat, what could happen?
just a joke . I find interesting the idea about No Glue, use honey if you need it in some cases some pieces. Maybe it is not necessary and against the Lego Rules, but at least, maybe I will try honey for my Lego Friends, just it was an idea.

You can jump and watch the first 2 minutes , with 5 minutes is enough to me give you an example what I find interesting.
in MEX, a disorder and troubles like that give at least one murder, guaranteed, and a very bad police intervention. I can say the police will arrive when the dead person lies on the ground. I compare a lot of thing around the worlkd and as posted before: MEX is one of the worst . (yes I've posted good and fantastic mexican thing too ya know ) - I only want to add: one of the things I really hate is the drunk people, I feel really angry and rage against the drunk people DRIVING , maybe it is easy to me judge them so 'cause I don't drink

Night Angel 10-6-20 2020-06-10 08:27:26

I saw that LEGO beehive too! It is amazing!

And why suddenly jumping to Korean cop stories?

McLaranium 13-6-20 2020-06-13 08:17:17

in my house they think I'm otaku (o0) because I like Kawaii , I watch tv shows

McLaranium 20-7-20 2020-07-20 09:07:32

time ago I saw ..
and I find this reactions alike the reaction front the worst tragedy .
they find the new pet and their reaction, comparable to horror scene of terror. instead had received a happy news or pet - they've received worse than tragedy ! (I mean the reaction .. ) of course the feeling is different and a bomb of emotions ! )

Post edited 20-7-20

McLaranium 28-9-20 2020-09-28 10:12:42

look at 4:38
first: interesting disguise
and... the woman there behind, forcing the kid to watch

McLaranium 17-10-20 2020-10-17 08:22:14

prices for pineapple :
2 x ,
3 x $ 2.5
sad for people who don't appreciate it's value here, waste, undervalued. Mexican remote town.

Post edited 17-10-20

ikomi . 18-10-20
Pineapples are 1 x -4 USD here.

McLaranium . 19-10-20
today in the local street market, my mother bought one pineapple for 1 USD - aprox.

in resume.

here: 1x USD, you got 1 at price of 3
I got one at price of 2 - compared to the main town

the can be found .5 USD "the penca" , the banana branch .. (the name dunno)

in Seoul : USD.
if the salary is enough , not so much problem.
living here thinking on USA or Korean salary you can imagine like a mexican "ooohh 200 USD weekly salarie!! ", yes , go to the market and your salarie goes flying

ikomi . 19-10-20
Enjoy those USD pineapples! Banana branch? We don't even have that here. Apparently the flowers are edible too.

Yeah, it's why some people work in one country then move to another country (or out into small towns and rural areas) for retirement. Lower housing and living costs.

McLaranium 11 months ago 2020-10-31 03:10:02

just because some cultures --- halloween

This video may be disgusting and gross for some sensitive senses please be discret and ... prepare the chocolate and butter

you can jump tio the -> 8:45

Post edited 11 months ago

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