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Started by McLaranium 2 weeks ago .

You know why I am asking. With the recent issues worldwide I would like to know:

did you had lessons in the school about:
Egypt, Rome?, Spain and Americas? , Germany and Adolph Hitler?, Nagasaki and Hiroshima?, Chinese dynasties ?,

do you have some traditional suggested or imposed religion?

if some other or something related, let me know and thanks

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ikomi 2 weeks ago 2019-07-03 15:23:55

Very brief versions. Considering WWII was a little over 70 years ago, within one human lifespan, it would seem logical that people would learn.

One problem might be that often history classes aren't taught in ways showing direct relationships to the present, the students' towns and communities, or the way past events can affect the future. Instead it's dates and rote memory, which people figure they'll never use in daily life and promptly forget everything.

For many, the history classes come from the evening news on TV (mostly state or corporate-owned with certain interests), social media in bite-size form, and maybe newspapers (often owned by the same companies that run the TV stations).

Then again, with big news outlets continuously streaming negative headlines, it's sometimes difficult to see that human civilisation could take a turn for the better just as it could for the worse.

AW is multicultural and it is here.

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