My opinion about places I've known in travels
Started by McLaranium 5-5-16 .

I've known cities and remote towns, Paris downtown, Oaxaca remote town in the mountains... the party in Barcelona and the tranquility of a town where there ain't anything: just you and local people with a poor or null telephone signal.

Big cities or small cities are nice, good, .... traveling is a pleasure and I've learned a few things about the life and life style and this is the rare point: life style.

The pictures are remote places I've known.... it reminds me the name Parts Uknown by Tony Bourdain , chef traveling worldwide.

Still I'm thinking about my brother, his opinion about this places:
remote towns without anything, nothing to eat, fiasco, failure, disaster, desception.

I think there's no ugly place, it's just the kind of places of your choice. but overall, I think everywhere is enjoyable.

You've seen pictures in my socials net.
[ link ]

McLaranium 7-5-17 2017-05-07 04:52:25

my last trip.

McLaranium 7-5-17 2017-05-07 05:34:43

this picture, from the top, other town, around 250 steps up!

panorama mode (this link)
this place is in its renew time, .
[ link ]

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Night Angel 8-5-17 2017-05-08 05:51:34

Nice! I can feel the breeze! Did you walk up to this mountain top to shoot this picture? Or driving up?

Night Angel . 12-5-17
Oh come on if you need to shoot the dolphins you need really big tele-lens! You need to be at the shore, not the mountain top!

McLaranium . 12-5-17
haha I didn't expect dolphins there - the season finished last month. was a surprise - iF I knew I would rent a trip or something ya now. did I told you my kitty cat was adopted? and one dog was adopted too here at home?

Night Angel . 12-5-17
I didn't know that seriously! Both of them?

McLaranium . 13-5-17
I adopted a blonde dog - she died and I have now her daughter.
i adopted my kitty cat.
my neighbor adopted 3 dogs.
and cirugy - for health and stop the dogs population (o0)
is nose trips we've found so friendly dogs so tender . unfortunelly we would like to adopt them but , here is full house

Night Angel . 15-5-17
Haha, you should share your experience of having those pets at home in a new post and tell us if you enjoy their company so far~

McLaranium 16-5-17 2017-05-16 05:04:17

my niece- next time we will record with the action cam attached to thaa head or chest

Night Angel 17-5-17 2017-05-17 02:21:03

You went gliding? Sounds very fun!

McLaranium 4-6-17 2017-06-04 06:59:33

I have not seen by now a good video of this beach. but you can see how long it is. at least 30 km long (metrics I take by google maps).

McLaranium 4-6-17 2017-06-04 07:01:02

don't try this at home. this is not made by professionals

Night Angel 5-6-17 2017-06-05 06:40:37

Were you on a car when shooting this?

McLaranium . 5-6-17

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