afraid to die
Started by McLaranium 18-3-07 .

are you afraid to die? have you ever thought "I don't wanna die" or "I'm not afraid, I'mprepared".. by some reason, culture or tradition, some people rejects thie concept of death , others don't think about it daily ut accept that true future

I'm very afraid to die, I had a few shocks since child o.0

Night Angel 19-3-07 2007-03-19 01:14:54

I am not afraid of death, nor am I prepared.

I have experienced something after seeing some people around died. The power is enormous. However, that does not make me feel scared, since I know it is part of life and it will eventually come to you soon.

At this moment I think I am half contented and half discontented about what I have done and what I haven't done. Usually people don't want to die because they haven't done many things, but for me many of the things have been accomplished and I feel very contented somehow. I have got most of the things I want, and I have to say I am more than lucky. I have only 10-20% unaccomplished and that's the discontented part.

I am only afraid that bad guys stay when I die. They shouldn't die after me!

Nohbudy 19-3-07 2007-03-19 04:51:20

[ link ]

Night Angel 19-3-07 2007-03-19 06:45:25

AppleTree 19-3-07 2007-03-19 08:57:12

I'm not afraid of death at all. I'm just afraid of the process of dying. Suffering, I mean.
I know life is fragile and it is short. But I'm happy to be alive already, and I feel lucky that I'm born healthy and wealthy (sort of..compared to the many out there that are starving, weeping or dying right now, right when you read those three words).

I feel that it's a little tragic if I die now..because there are plenty of things I haven't tried yet. I haven't earned my own $ or got rich or driven a Lamborghini or tried the remaining thousands of postures in bed or got kids or raise a family and many other things yet (sorry that all are selfish thoughts again ). But they aren't that important since, again, I'm a very lucky person already. I don't mind if I must die now; I just feel that it'll be a bit of a shame

However, to be a little more selfless, my death would punch a hole in many people's hearts...I realize a person will feel miserable for me if he know that I died; the only condition is that he knew my name. It doesn't matter if he's my close friend, family member, or teacher, he'll feel grief. It may be just for a brief hour, or a whole month, but it's still a feeling I wouldn't want them to have. So, there's a small encouragement to not die purposely...

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crays 19-3-07 2007-03-19 13:01:35

That deer look so real ....
Apple @ yeah , i agree we shouldn't die purposely . But when you really can't take it ... you'll do it i guess ?

I've discuss this once with my friends , if you're going to kill youself , how you gonna do it so that you don't feel pain ?

AppleTree . 20-3-07
I've always tried to keep in mind that whatever that is happening to me, there are people experiencing something worse. And those people are still desperate to live on, so why shouldn't I?
I'm not sure how to elaborate..but that's just another reason I give myself to clear off thoughts related to killing myself.

I believe that the only scenario which I would seriously consider to committing suicide is when my parents, grandparents, cousins, brother and my girlfriend are dead and I have no valuable belongings nor job. My reason to be here is greatly related to

Night Angel 19-3-07 2007-03-19 13:54:49

Let's not talk about how to die, because this is not the main topic. Or you can talk under crays' post.

Sounds like me and Appletree share similar view: we can both die now I am just joking, but yeah, we feel contented and I am very sure that many will be very heart-broken if I go to the Heaven at this moment. Once you think in that way, it is really hard to commit suicide. At least, for me.

Maybe both Appletree and I are Scorpio and so we have similar views? Oops, I think crays is one too

McLaranium 29-7-17 2017-07-29 11:17:48

since I'm christian... my concept about desease - die, death
it is different.
afraid to die yes, of course iF I think about it I'll be caught in paranoia
but not enterely fear to die - just fear about some accident, a sudden sickness rare... and ya know I drive in trips and risk is always to tell you: TAKE CARE, CAUTION. even so I'm not so afraid as it is.
iF you play soccer football or volleyball, you don't start to think "I will lose",
iF I drive on the road trips I won't think "MAYBE A TURTLE WILL CRASH IN ME CAR". If you go to the beach you don't think about the tsunami (o0) .
and so, maybe 10 years later of this post I think some maturity changes our mind

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