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85" 8K by Samnsung. if you design your setup, don't pay extra!
Started by McLaranium 2 months ago .

85" 8K
I imagine, if you get the one with lower price, you can save more $$ for a very good and high quality home theater system, I imagine a good brand of home theater could be better than the integrated audio of the screen.
Why the difference of prices?
some new features including "alexa" , more "power of processing with its chip",
not a wide difference to worth the upgrade I think. I've seen (on youtube) fantastic 4K TV rooms - of course an 8K setup would be excellent, considering the prices like that, you could include smart lights and amazing sound and I bet with lower price.
even if you have enough budget $$$ to get the more expensive and best audio system, it would not be smart purchase/setup, wasting some features.
4K is enough to me - considering the kind of media I display and the TV provider

Night Angel 2 months ago 2022-04-23 14:31:52

Well, do you need 8K? I don't think many people would need to look at 4 numbers of 4K screens at the same time...while many movies are not upgraded yet to 8K...

And also that is QLED, perhaps not a need yet for such technology...

McLaranium 2 months ago 2022-04-27 04:07:09

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