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The internet, the data about users behaviors
Started by McLaranium 4 months ago .

can't bury your head in the sand
(of course they have more videos not shown here as thumbnail)
really the massive media is a good tool to explore human behavior and obtain so much interesting data.

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Night Angel 4 months ago 2021-05-13 05:42:39

Wait wait wait, what is this? Your nephews?

McLaranium 4 months ago 2021-05-14 09:16:02

it was a controversy.
one kid worldwide record of followers, because he uploaded a video "I wanna be youtuber"
and being sick, supposedly a bad sickness and a damaged eye, he caused the reaction of people expressing their appreciation with a subscription, it was good byt that side.
of course his content is not good, nothing interesting. that' was the point: a lot opf people saying "you are a good yotuber, your videos are awesome" , we know the truth, it was a support friendly reaction, not the "quality of contents" if we consider that, there are a lot of channels with so good quality, interesting and good contents with less than 100k subs.

The big companies know how the people reacts, click, kind of comments, "data research", data compilation, ¿and still do they worry about privacy when Google analytics know them in deep?

Controversy was a bomb when a youtuber was against the kid, saying "you don't deserve millions of subscribers 'cause your content is too poor without sense"
and the numbers, stats, data (even the comments I could count), prove and show how people is a zombie.

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