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PC, Mac, Intel, to choose CPU 2021
Started by McLaranium 1-4-21 .

[ link ]
just one of dozens of comparisons, if someone of you have ever been interested to assamble a PC.
I want to assamble an i7 . in MEX with $ 1000 USD a non gamer PC I could build, whatever GPU (I'm not interested by now) adds at least 0 USD more

Night Angel 19-4-21 2021-04-19 08:03:48

So the war has begun between Apple and Intel, with Apple starting their own M1 chipset claiming its supremacy over Intel i series.

Do you think you should wait for the new chipset to come out first from Intel now due to the competition?

McLaranium 24-4-21 2021-04-24 05:11:21

will you get an M1 Mac?
you are the experienced one about Mac, Vincent NightAngel !

a friend and I decided to buy a macbook M1,
by now she is satisfied, it is hers first Mac. being so, maybe you would be satisfied too -or not if you get it being an old Mac user. I've seen a lot or videos and good reviews, good opinions.

I've seen the PC components, with old intel previous generation compared to the new, the cores, mega hertz and price is enough even a little bit better than newer generation.

McLaranium 10-5-21 2021-05-10 07:52:49

I think you don't need a Mac Pro $ 7 000.00 USD to develope videos like this

Night Angel 13-5-21 2021-05-13 05:55:04

From McLaranium:

will you get an M1 Mac?
you are the experienced one about Mac, Vincent NightAngel !

Probably not because of the capability with the current software I am using now. I know that they have Rosetta to allow this but translators always work with a cost.

And I am not a fan of the colorful iMac. Yuck.

However, I am more interested in the M1 iPad Pro, since mine is old (1st gen) and I need a faster one now for work with more memory. I am not hoping for the speed of M1 really, but it comes at the right time when I am about to upgrade. All good.

McLaranium 14-5-21 2021-05-14 09:23:12

last weekend I had a Zoom session with a friend, while she was encoding 4k videos recorded from iPod.
Zoom, Encoding Video, uploading it to google drive.
hers Mac Pro M1 16 GB RAM, had a very good performance.

Night Angel 26-5-21 2021-05-26 03:20:41

From an iPod? You mean an iPad? Or iMac?

Okay, you said it, but Mac Pro does not run with M1. You mean the new iMac right?

McLaranium . 26-5-21
I mean: she recorded 4k video with iphone
she tried to upload: no way a lot of Gigabytes.
so croped and coded in the m1 macbook,
sorry - it was my mixedup confusion of names . (00)!
I asked about the temperatures / performance, it was the first time she sees the air fans working. of course: videos of 10 minutes from 4k to 780.

Night Angel . 31-5-21
Haha, got it. The good thing you can see is that she uses all the Apple devices for seamless workflow!

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