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New on Apple M1 Chip... and other devices
Started by McLaranium 10-1-21 .

One friend will receive hers new Macbook, initially Macbook Air and she decided change it to Macbook Pro 13" M1
After read specs and watch reviews: just a little difference about air fan and a little drop of performance and battery for better.
I'm Windows user, I'm not fanboy of AMD neither Intel. And I find this 2021 with so good devices available.

Macbook M1
iPad 8th
Intel 11th (laptops with XE Graphs)
Good laptops AMD Ryzen 4000 series

I imagine (I expect without plans to buy by now) a good and very nice devices performance, including a good price. the "bad" (?) software not native -prepared to that M1.

Even the new Mac Mini M1 is (to me) average and maybe expensive, but economy, currencies, new tech, this new era... maybe it justifies in some way the prices of M1 , and I feel very expensive the previous models.
by now just my comment

ikomi 10-1-21 2021-01-10 19:38:01

ARM processor. Speculation has it that Apple was tired of Intel not keeping up with their requirements and decided to drop them. It might be another step in streamlining their mobile and desktop lines together, which had already begun at the software level with aspects of iOS being brought back to macOS. I've not been following the new Mac hardware though, maybe they finally did the major overhaul that some advanced users were looking for.

They have switched architectures before and have a bit more desktop market share now so unless they mess up the launch badly, the developers will soon follow with the software. Some people who want more processing power and x86-64 are betting on Ryzen.

Yeah, the exchange rate has its pros and cons. When CAD and USD were at par several years ago, it was good for buying things like books. Now it's like paying 25% more.

I don't know if I'd get another iOS device again. The iPod's camera was good (not super) and I liked the physical form a lot, but the App Store itself is generally awful* and mars what might otherwise be a great device.

* Awful as in, search gives irrelevant results half the time, can't re-download apps if they mysteriously disappear from the storefront, the store terms are hostile to certain types of licenses, etc.

Night Angel 11-1-21 2021-01-11 07:09:52

To me the major move to ARM is because of the ecosystem. MacOS Big Sur looks so similar to iOS, even with the same Control Center and notification systems, let alone the icons and graphical presentations of elements. Using ARM will turn nearly all devices from Apple to be under Apple.

Perhaps it is also a manufacturing concern. Apple owns everything now and they can control every bit of the production lines.

I am not sure how good it is, but from quite some reviews, it looks like the new M1 chip is performing extremely good. [ link ] (Chinese) [ link ] (English)

I feel quite numb to all these updates now...perhaps we have not seen any big change / dramatic revamp yet...all these including Big Sur is just part of a continuous, gradual updates of the big ecosystem...

ikomi 11-1-21 2021-01-11 20:12:39

From Night Angel:
Perhaps it is also a manufacturing concern. Apple owns everything now and they can control every bit of the production lines.

You've most likely picked out the reason right there. Their core business model has been vertical integration, having as much control as possible over the hardware layers.

As hardware improves (more RAM, faster CPU, etc. for the same prices), a lot of people don't feel as though they have to replace their computers every 2 years to keep up with software updates. Maybe it will take more advances to excite people in the updates.

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