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Windows 10 problem with File Explorer
Started by McLaranium 3 months ago .

Right now I'm with a Windows problem.
File Explorer (explorador de archivos) doesn't respond, it freezes and reboot , it happens trying to access to local folder - sometimes with access to network folder. if your local folder is frozen and "shared" , still you can access on it via network.
Sometimes you try to access via network to one shared folder and your pc freezes doesn't respond, and the remote pc there still working. After File Explorer reboots the problem is solved, sometimes just temporally, sometimes solved already good.

I solved my "local problem" when I applied a complete format (so much hours later) the problem was fixed . when I tried to acces in a second drive to browse other files the problem again: file mannager doesn't respond . It looks like random problem Windows trying to read the "initial HDD register" or the "sector 0" or the "start index" I dunno.
A lot of sites, forums and videos offer a fix, different fixes, nothing officially from Microsoft. The problem doesn't have a clear origin, and so the fix solution can be different for different cases.
(o0) it was my gossip

ikomi 3 months ago 2020-02-11 22:59:27

It might have something to do with this: [ link ]

McLaranium 3 months ago 2020-02-12 09:50:29

in some way as I expected it, they say "different problem - different fixes" even may not work about the issue I find in my systems, I've been searching info, reviews, posts (thanks for your link yepps! ) and I've spent hours at nights , that's why I posted my video "No solution yet" . The only one thing I can say is: the PC that freezes with File Explorer has the initial index reader damaged. I invented the name but I mean the system with the problem has a bug to read the "initial part index" sometimes local or network , .
*drinking 3:00 AM

ikomi 3 months ago 2020-02-12 16:57:16

That's possible. The odd thing is, if it were a bug with this reader, it should be straightforward to push a fix to clear the cache and re-index. A server error shouldn't take down a local file search.

Has it be resolved yet, or have you been able to ignore it for now by using another file manager?

McLaranium 3 months ago 2020-02-13 05:36:39

right now no problems. if the problem appears again,
i will wait for win update .

ikomi 3 months ago 2020-02-13 20:37:24

At least it hasn't paralysed the entire OS, though that's kind of a low bar for comparison.

McLaranium 3 months ago 2020-02-19 06:49:42

The short story:
I noticed in different devices the problem "file explorer frozen, so it reboots itself and solved temporary - still shared folders working through the local network with other devices linked.

the problem in one pc increased so till get HDD failures, even with the sound of phisical damage HDD

no HDD foun , BIOS not listed...
after format complete, after test SATA wires, after a new HDD, after circus and theater, the PC works fine, so good, even the old two HDD working fine.

After post in the Microsoft forums, I received a reply with tips (image with commands).

In one device some "issues found and repaired", in other device no problems found.

About mac mini
with a new SSD the mac mini will have a new life, with its 16 GB RAM the "bootleneck is the HDD now I've been watching tutorials and info about installind iOS, clone HDD , maybe this last "clonde option" will be the choice but really I have not replaced a new SSD because ya know: so complex, hard and I'm out of knowledge (o0) considering it isused just for a basic , maybe it is not necessary SSD , but sometimes I "feel" yes, I should

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