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annoying users fanboys or ignorance when you buy
Started by McLaranium 11 months ago .

Buy Mac or PC
Once you decide for Apple:
- you are wrong, prices, performance, you need advice support

Let's follow the supposed smart choice: buy PC
Once you decide for Intel i7-9700k
- you are wrong, the price, the performance, the bugs...

Let's follow again the smart choice: AMD CPU
-you are wrong, instead Ryzen 9 with the Ryzen 7 is enough

Once you choose the suggested best Ryzen 7 , then the sellection of motherB is the "problem"
- Asus is better, B450 is better... this is not good to get more performance of CPU... the famous Overclocking (what the hell.. overclocking is not something you care about but the "experts" spoken)

Once you have the CPU and motherB, try to sellect the GPU, GPU NVIDIA or Radeon. iF you choose NVIDIA:
- you are wrong, Radeon RX 580 is the best value...

And so, you have finally the best value Awarded Editor's Choice in PC.
Want to sellect the RAM Memory? Try it, You'll be wrong.

Sometimes is better watch the soccer football game without narrators and opinions, mute the volume or go to the stadium and you will enjoy the game without experts and analysts against whatever you tip.

This happens right now in an ugly way, commonly in forums and youtube of course. I visited the local Apple Store, fantastic when you get yours , even just passing by and you see happy people with a new iMac ... come one! congrats!, get fun and use it as you need . The store, the client or somebody can't be wrong (we know it depends ... )

You can buy a Lenovo or Dell , you can build your Intel or AMD and ...

Terrible, I see ignorance is all around and it becomes into fanaticism and emotional bla bla.

This was my gossip.
Same could be applied in topics of Worcestershire sauce, Huawei or Nikon.

Night Angel 11 months ago 2019-07-26 09:07:19

I don't even know what Ryzen is until now, haha

I am not sure what you are trying to convey here, and I am not sure what "ignorance" means in your post, but I guess sometimes buying a computer or any other equipment / device is not purely a hardware consideration.

It all goes to the fact that value differs in different people's mind. I would not consider any loyal users as fanboys, which seem to be a little derogatory. It is just that some people believe in a certain brand or model, and that comes from their experience.

So yeah, since McL you already have an excellent study of the parts you are to buy, I guess you can make your good and satisfying decision meanwhile I am looking at the possible 16.4" MacBook Pro coming this fall...

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